Doctor Who director joining Sherlock series 4! Production must be starting soon then…

by Anna Howell
sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

We already knew that production of the 2015 Christmas Special of Sherlock was due to begin around February time next year, but could this be the biggest indication yet that series four will follow quickly after?

Doctor Who director, Douglas Mackinnon has announced on Twitter that he signed up to direct an episode of Sherlock and he has given some teasers away.

At this point it is unknown as to whether the episode will be from the next series, or indeed the Christmas Special itself, all we have to go on is this blunt and to the point tweet posted by the director on the social networking site:

“Next job, directing Sherlock.”

But, seeing as how he has also now changed his profile picture to show the Baker Street tube sign, and added Sherlock to his profile blurb, we can’t help but think this is more than a Christmas Special, so if the powers that be are getting in directors for the new series already, the schedule will soon be released.

doctor who cold war

This will, of course, not be the first time that Mackinnon will be working with Sherlock creators, Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat. He jumped on board to direct the 2013 Doctor Who episode, Cold War, which was written by Gatiss and overseen by show runner Moffat.

Then in the hit BBC sci-fi show’s current series, Mackinnon came back to direct three episodes – Time Heist, Flatline and Listen.

And back in 2007 Mackinnon also worked with Moffat on the drama series Jekyll , which starred James Nesbitt, Michelle Ryan and Gina Bellman, as well as directing five episodes of the award-winning crime thriller Line of Duty.

Douglas Mackinnon, originally from Portree, Isle of Skye, made his feature film directorial debut with The Flying Scotsman back in 2006 which was the gala premiere at the Edinburgh Festival that same year and was consequently picked up for worldwide distribution by MGM.

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