Doctor Who: Matt Smith regrets leaving the show

by Anna Howell
doctor who matt smith 2

doctor who matt smith 2

Last year really was a bitter-sweet mixed bag of emotions for Doctor Who fans, but for one fan of the show it also created regret!

Fans around the world were left a tad heartbroken when, in the summer of 2013, 11th Time Lord Matt Smith announced that, after three years of being at the Tardis helm, he was bowing out of the show for good.

However his departure, which was scheduled for last Christmas, did not come before the great actor lead an all-star cast in the shows 50th anniversary episode in November, truly cementing his stamp on the show for life.

The race was on to find his replacement, with more names than you could shake a stick at being thrown into the ring, but when show runner Steven Moffat announced a few months later that the new Doctor, and only candidate for the high profile role, was Scottish The Thick Of It star, Peter Capaldi, the entire world smiled in satisfaction.

That couldn’t have been easy for Matt Smith, not only because it meant people were starting to accept his departure, but also because when he was announced as David Tennant’s replacement back in 2010 the entire world asked “really?”.

So maybe it is all the above that has lead the actor, who Steven Moffat said would be able to get a part in his other hit BBC drama Sherlock should the perfect part come up, has revealed that he is slightly regretful at leaving Doctor Who so soon.

doctor who christmas 2013 matt smith 1

In the DVD released showing last Christmas Day special where Smith regenerated into Capaldi, Smith is seen, in the special extras, telling his former companion, Jenna Coleman:

“Part of me genuinely feels that I sort of wish we have had another go at it, another year, because I feel we have really come on and sort of evolved.”

However, he was quick to point out that he thoroughly enjoyed filming his departure, adding:

“We have had a good time, it’s been really fun to make it.”

Doctor Who returns with its eighth series later this year – Watch Smith’s regeneration onto Capaldi in the clip below:


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