Matt Smith would have made Doctor Who meaner & could Karen Gillan be the 1st female Doctor?

doctor who matt smith 2

doctor who matt smith 2

On a number of occasions since Matt Smith announced his decision to quit Doctor Who last June he has seemed regretful of his choice and has admitted that he had second thoughts after handing in his notice.

However in a new interview Matt has explained why, in the end, he felt it was necessary to go.

With the world eagerly awaiting Peter Capaldi’s Timelord debut in August, Smith admitted that had he stayed, he would have been inclined to change his character somewhat, something he’s not sure would be popular with fans.

According to the actor, who is set to star in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut The Lost River as well as being signed up for a role in Terminator: Genesis, had the 11th Time lord stuck around a bit longer we might have seen a change in his usual kind nature. Speaking at Wizard World Comic Con he said:

“If my Doctor had carried on he’d have become a bit meaner and a bit tougher,

“The universe would have weighed on his shoulders a little more which would have been cool.

“Damn, I should have stayed,”

It’s a bit late for that now, Matt.

doctor_who_power_of_3 4

Meanwhile Smith’s former companion, Karen Gillan, who was with him on the panel, had a fabulous idea of how we might have seen that play out. She mused:

“Maybe there could be a series where we see Amy in therapy when she went through four psychiatrists,

“She’s talking about the Raggedy Man and they’re like, ‘You’re crazy!'”

To which Smith excitedly interjected:

“Wow, we should ask Steven [Moffat] if we can make that episode.”

Would you like to see such a concept? One fan in the audience suggested that a quirky twist might be for Gillan and Smith to switch roles if such a series was ever picked up.

Well, that’s one way of getting a female Doctor, isn’t it?

Doctor Who is currently filming its eighth series with a view to airing it on our BBC screens this August – Watch the first official teaser trailer for it in the clip below:


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  1. Pharris on June 26, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    Gosh they are gorgeous together. Best ever Doctor and best ever Companion. Both are sweet modest and hugely talented, already with burgeoning US careers. Doctor Who is so lucky to have had this crew to revitalise the show and increase its popularity worldwide. It’s also clear how much they love and respect their fans, always making time to go to conventions and promote the show as much as possible. While Eccleston and Tennant were fine doctors,they never seemed to put as much effort into the fanbase nor seemed as genuinely enthusiastic as Matt. For them it was a role, but you can see that for Matt, he WAS The Doctor. Peter Capaldi has some big shoes to fill after the Mighty Matt

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