Doctor Who: Musketeers stars say Peter Capaldi is perfect for Time Lord role!

by Anna Howell
Peter Capaldi


Whilst we are all chomping at the bit to see Peter Capaldi burst on to our screens as the 12th Time Lord in Doctor Who, it is easy to forget that we have a little sneak preview as he stars in the new BBC period drama, The Musketeers.

Ever since it was first announced last September that Capaldi was to replace 11th Time Lord Matt Smith during last year’s Christmas Day Special, The Time of the Doctor, whovians everywhere have been desperate to see Capaldi in action.

His casting came at a time when people mused over the prospect of the next Doctor seeing the show take an evolutional step and cast either a female or black actor in the role, so it did come as a bit of a surprise when Capaldi was eventually announced as Smith’s successor.

However, we all could see exactly why the Scottish The Thick Of It star has been given the role, but it still came as a shock to his Musketeers co-stars!

The Musketeers launched last night with the first episode of a series of ten depicting the classic story of D’Artagan (Luke Pasqualino), Athos (Tom Burke), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and Porthos (Howard Charles) in 1630 Paris, on their quest to fight for justice.
Capaldi was cast to play French clergyman, noble and statesman Cardinal Richelieu before the role in Doctor Who came up, meaning that his participants in any following series’ would be unlikely.

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However, despite it cutting their time together short, the cast of The Musketeers have admitted that, whilst his appointment in Doctor Who was a shock, Peter Capaldi is perfect for the part!

Tom Burke, who plays Athos, is quoted by Digital Spy as saying on the matter: “It hadn’t occurred to me and when he was cast, it just seemed the most brilliant decision. I thought, ‘Of course!’ so I’m very excited.”

Meanwhile, Alexandra Dowling who plays Queen Anne admitted to feeling “a mixture of elated and sad” over Capaldi’s imminent exit from the show, adding:

“It was so exciting and then we were like… ‘Oh no!’ but it was just such a privilege to work with him,”

The Musketeers

And Maimie McCoy, who plays Milady de Winter, went on to reveal how much of a fan Capaldi is of Doctor Who, making him the perfect choice:

“He is perfect for it. He’s also massively into it – I think he has been since he was very young which is great for the show.”

Doctor Who is due to return with its 8th series, which will run through without a break, later this year whilst The Musketeers continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC1 / BBC1 HD – Watch Capaldiā€™s Doctor Who regeneration in the clip below: