Doctor Who: Orla Brady reveals she “wasn’t very cool” when she found out she had been cast as Tasha Lem

by Anna Howell
doctor who the time of the doctor 3

doctor who the time of the doctor 3

Ahead of her Doctor Who debut this Christmas Day, actress Orla Brady has revealed her delight at being cast in the hit BBC family sci-fi series.

This Christmas Day marks the end of an era in Doctor Who, as current Time Lord, Matt Smith bows out and makes way for new Doctor on the block, Peter Capaldi.

The special festive episode, The Time of the Doctor, comes just a month after November’s 50th anniversary celebrations, whilst promising to showcase as much excitement as The Day of the Doctor.

So far confirmed in the line-up are the return of classic monsters the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Weeping Angels – but it’s not just baddies who are joining us this Christmas, an old friend of the Doctor, Tasha Lem, is making a guest appearance too!

And now Orla Brady, the actress cast to play her, has revealed to The Metro newspaper how she was so excited when she was asked to take part that she “whooped loudly” whilst not being “very cool” about the prospect.

Discussing how she found out about the casting with the paper, the actress explained:

“I was sitting on my own in a dressing room in Belgium after a day filming the life of a woman who hadn’t had a lot of luck in her life, so the news couldn’t have been a better pick-me-up.”

doctor who christmas 2013 orla 2

Going on to describe her character, Brady continued:

“‘How should I describe my character? I’m a facilitator.

“Essentially, I’m an old friend of the Doctor and there’s a reason he really needs to see her, even though they haven’t spoken for a hundred years. I’m very much bound up in Matt’s farewell, so I can’t really make any comparison between him and Peter. But I know he’s going to be great.”

When asked who her favourite Doctor Who is, she replied:

“Tom Baker. He would always be my first thought but then there’s Matt, too, of course. But your Doctor is always the one you grew up with, isn’t it?”

doctor who christmas 2013 matt smith

But despite her excitement, Brady went on to reveal her nerves walking on set for the first time:

“You feel it when you walk on set, it’s a different kind of energy because you’re balancing elements of different genres at the same time,’ says Brady. ‘You can be doing a scene that’s pure slapstick, Matt boinging about the place, then a moment later there’s a scene that is really intense and intimate. You really have to keep your wits about you.”

Doctor Who: The Tine of the Doctor can be seen at 7.30pm Christmas Day on BBC1 / BBC1 HD – Watch the official trailer for it in the clip below: