Doctor Who Spoilers: London’s under attack by Cybermen!

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doctor who cybermen

London is under attack it would seem, given that pictures in today’s The Sun newspaper feature Doctor Who’s infamous nemesis The Cybermen marching down the iconic steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in London over the weekend!

But fear not, they were not alone as the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, was on hand to round up those little rascals, thank goodness…


Fans and passersby watched this once-in-a-lifetime event being filmed (unless you live in Cardiff, where much of the filming for the new series has taken place), and of course, we will all see the outcome for ourselves when the show’s eighth series hits our screens next month.

With The Doctor was one of this series’ guest stars Michelle Gomez, who is set to play the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere, who looked a bit anxious to say the least as the cyborgs began pouring out of the beautiful cathedral and down the steps…

However, the pictures did not seem to show Doctor Who’s current companion, Clara Oswald (Jenna Louise Coleman), which seemed a tad odd.

Doctor Who is set to return to our BBC screens on August 23rd after a world tour that we think they must be using the Tardis itself to travel round as the cast and crew plan to visit seven cities spanning five continents in just 12 days, starting in the UK on August 7th and ending in Brazil on August 19th, meaning that the show’s cast and crew will not be attending this year’s Comic Con.

Other guest stars confirmed for the new series include UK singer Foxes, Frank Skinner, Hermione Norris, Tom Riley and Keeley Hawes, with filming locations spanning Cardiff, London and even as far as Lazarote.

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The first episode of the new series, Deep Breath, which has been written by Steven Moffat and will be a feature length installment, is due to hit our BBC screen on Saturday August 23rd – Watch the full official trailer for it in the clip below: