Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi to play “madder” Time Lord – Watch him here riding a mechanical horse…. in pjs! (VIDEO)

by Anna Howell


From the very moment that we were told that The Thick Of IT star Peter Capaldi was to replace Matt Smith in Doctor Who last year, we all knew this meant a great change for the show.

Not only is the Scottish actor older than Matt Smith (who isn’t?) but from his loud interpretation of Malcolm Tucker, we could tell that the new Doctor was not about to be a wall-flower!

And it would seem that we were right as Capaldi himself has come out to explain how different his Doctor will be, not just to the last incarnation, but the ones before him too.

The Scottish actor, who began filming for the eighth series just last week, is reported by Yahoo TV UK as claiming that his Doctor will be much “madder” than his predecessors, explaining:

“The last two Doctors have been ‘your boyfriend’ Doctors. It was time for the show to flip around. The new version of the show is quite old now.

“We’re going to give Clara a Doctor who is a much older, fiercer, madder, less reliable Doctor who leads her a merry dance.”

doctor who peter capaldi jenna coleman

And in case you had any doubt that he meant every single word, Capaldi was spotted on Monday night, galloping through the streets of Cardiff (cunningly disguised to look like something out of a Victorian novel), on a mechanical horse, wearing only a night gown!

The Mirror newspaper were on hand to catch the spectacular scene, which saw Capaldi stopping to pose for fans pictures, despite the freezing weather condition (and his lack of obvious thermals) displaying the upmost charm.

The Daily Mail managed to grab a few words with the Time Lord in training, who told them jokingly:

“I’m afraid of that horse and the horse knows it.”

Doctor Who is due to return with its eighth series, which will be shown in one run with no break, later this year with Capaldi at the Tardis helm – Watch Capaldi’s horse riding antics in the clip below: