Doctor Who Spoliers: As excitement grows for filming to begin next week, BBC reveal Peter Capaldi is keeping accent!

by Anna Howell
doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

Now that Peter Capaldi has been officially entered into the Tardis logbook as its most recent owner, fans will be pleased to know that filming for the new series of Doctor Who is imminent!

Fans of the hugely popular BBC family sci-fi series will know how, on Christmas Day, 11th Time Lord Matt Smith bowed out of the show for good after regenerating into his successor, Peter Capaldi.

The world had been waiting for months to see the landmark event, which followed only a month after the show’s epic 50th anniversary celebrations, but now that we have all formally been introduced to the new Doctor, wheels are about to be set in motion for him to return to our screens full time.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, filming for the eighth series, which will see Capaldi in full Time Lord swing, is about to begin in the next few days.

The paper reports that Capaldi has spent the festive period learning lines in preparation for the start of production, which is expected to begin next week, with an inside source reportedly stating:

“We are all geared up and ready to start filming, it is always exciting at the start of a Doctor Who series, but even more so when we have a new Doctor,

“Peter is Whovian and has been a fan since he was a kid so he will have been looking forward to it as much as us. Everyone can’t wait to get started.”

doctor who peter capaldi jenna coleman

With regards to the film locations, the BBC are reportedly desperate to keep some of the details secret so as not to ruin any storylines that will feature in the new series when it returns in the latter part of this year.

One detail that has emerged, however, is that Capaldi will be keeping his Scottish accent for the part, despite previous reports suggesting that he was being asked to adopt an English one for the role like the tenth Doctor David Tennant had to.

According to the decision to let Capaldi keep his native accent was a ‘creative’ one, with the BBC reported as stating:

“It was well known that David wanted to use his accent. But he was told it just wouldn’t be possible and he had to adopt an English one.

“But Peter is best at acting in a Scottish accent and he was delighted when he found out he could play the part with his own voice. It gives his character a stronger identity as well.”

Doctor Who, with Capaldi at the Tardis helm, will return to our BBC screens in the autumn – Watch Smith’s regeneration into Capaldi in the clip below: