Doctor Who star Matt Smith “is a youthful envelope, but he has an old soul” says Steven Moffat!

by Lynn Connolly

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There has of course been much speculation and rumour about the how and wherefores that will see the current Doctor in Doctor Who regenerate into the Time Lord who’ll be played by Peter Capaldi…

And though all concerned with the show are keeping those details very firmly under wraps, there have been some hints and clues surfacing on t’interweb ahead of the Christmas special, which is of course when we’ll say goodbye to Matt Smith and hello to Peter.

However, those that have cropped up are highly questionable, so when the Radio Times interviewed Matt recently, the paper’s reporter tried to squeeze some info out of him, but Matt replied simply, “I can’t tell you…”

But did concede, “It was a great shoot – a sad one for me, but I think it’ll be a fitting send-off and a fitting introduction for Peter.”

And of his time on the show, Matt said, “Everything changed. It’s all consuming – and that affects the rhythm of your life.

“Now, however, it’s settling down a little.”

Doctor Who the day of the doctor

When asked if he has any regrets about becoming one of the legendary Time Lords, he replied, “None,” before adding, “I think if I was going to choose to spend a couple of years in anyone’s body, why not live it as the Doctor?

“He’s going to have more fun than almost anyone else alive.”

Meanwhile, showrunner Steven Moffat was full of praise for Matt and his contribution to the long line of Doctor’s on the iconic BBC show.

He said, “You won’t find anyone with a negative story about Matt.

“The producer, Marcus Wilson, gets him on set as quickly as possible because the crew literally works faster when he’s there.

“He’s the life and soul, greeting the guest actors like the perfect host, even when he’s feeling broody, unhappy, tired or sulky.”

steven moffat

He continued, “Matt is a youthful envelope but he has an old soul…

“In real life Matt is very cool. The Doctor would like to think he’s cool, but he isn’t.

“The Doctor probably thinks he can hang out with Matt and go to the same clubs, but I don’t think Matt would have him along on a night out.”

Oh I don’t know! I reckon Matt would be up for it. And best thing about it would be the ability to go back in time to the previous hangover free day…

Here’s a reminder of the trailer for the Christmas special…

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