Doctor Who: Tom Baker considers return to the show?

by Anna Howell
doctor who the day of the doctor tom baker matt smith

doctor who the day of the doctor tom baker matt smith

Following our report yesterday about Tom Baker’s thoughts on the future of Doctor Who, the legendary actor has revealed that he could consider a return to the show!

Tom Baker is the actor to play the infamous Time Lord for the longest period of time in history, so it was only fitting that he should get an appearance in the show’s 50th anniversary episode, the Day of the Doctor, last November.

Baker’s appearance in the episode, which also saw 11th Doctor David Tennant return to aid his successor, 12th Doctor Matt Smith, was a small one, but it still managed to upset a few other Doctors!

Colin Baker in particular was so put-out by the appearance that he felt the need to voice his opinion on the casting as loudly as possible, which Tom Baker says pleased him!

Colin Baker, who portrayed the Time Lord from 1984 – 1986, was quoted at the time that news of Tom’s appearance broke as saying he felt like a second class citizen, adding:

”All or none, that’s what I would have thought.”

So it is no wonder that Tom Baker is feeling a little smug, so much so, it would seem, that he has reportedly revealed that he would even make a return to the show!

tom baker

The Sun newspaper quotes the actor, who played the fourth Doctor from 1974 – 1981, as saying:

“I might deign to appear! I greatly admire (12th Doctor Peter) Capaldi, he’s lovely and apparently he’s a great fan of Doctor Who – he might ask for me!”

Meanwhile, Tom Baker has revealed that he almost didn’t sign up for The Day of the Doctor after being approached by the executive producer who had promised to let him tweak the script to his liking, only for her to have left by the time he received the script.

Tom Baker played a museum Curator in The Day of the Doctor, who helped Smith’s Doctor whilst looking at some art. When asked whether he thought his part was an older version of his original Doctor, or a new character altogether, he answered:

”Typical of the BBC, nobody knows, he could be anyone, he could be the next Director General for all we know…”

Doctor Who is currently filming its eighth series in Cardiff, with new Doctor on the block Peter Capaldi and companion Jenna Coleman, and is expected to premier on our BBC screens either late this summer, or early autumn – Watch an interview with Tom Baker in the clip below:

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