Doctor Who 50th anniversary: Moffat talks “entertainingly angry” rumours

steven moffat

Steven Moffat, Doctor Who showrunner has laughed off some of the “entertainingly angry” rumours that have been floating around about the 50th anniversary special episode.

Speaking to press at the BAFTA TV awards on Sunday evening, Moffat – who has written the script for the special episode – said some of the rumours are “absolutely mental”, adding some are so good he may use them in the future.

Talking about Doctor Who as a whole, he said it’s one of those shows that television has seemingly created a character for itself.

“It’s one of the absolutely extraordinary success stories of television, Doctor Who. It’s one of the few times television has created a character for itself that has gone into that mythical status.” Moffat added.

Moving onto the fact that the upcoming special has been filmed in 3D as well as HD, the showrunner said it was only appropriate, as the Tardis looks like a box, but it’s a whole new world inside – and that is what he was trying to aim for with the 3D effect.

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

“Well it’s the only show with a box that’s bigger on the inside, so if you have the ability to make your television bigger on the inside, it goes with Doctor Who, surely?” he said.

No matter how you look at it, one of the biggest things to address with show like Doctor Who is the plethora of rumours that come with it – there’s that many, I’m sure they could fill the inside of the Tardis. Moffat isn’t one to shy away from the rumours either, laughing off many and even branding them as “absolutely mad”.

“All I’ve ever revealed about what we’re doing on Doctor Who is anything we’ve filmed outside.” he said. “I’m rather reticent about what’s out there. I actually noticed people are making up stuff about what and who and what is and what is not in the special. You’re just going to have to wait until November to find out the truth.”

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

He continued: “Most things that have been said about the 50th are not true. Normally I am responsible for the disinformation and the rubbish rumours – I usually put them out myself, but I haven’t needed to for this one.

“People are spinning off the most amazing things – it’s absolutely mental!”

He even went as far to say that the rumours out there are “fantasable” and “entertainingly angry”.


Meanwhile, Jemma Redgrave who is set to return for the special episode, said that the “most extraordinary” script has been written, and that she had “fantastic fun” filming.

“It was fantastic fun and Steven Moffat has written the most extraordinary script. He is so brilliant, but it is everything – it has the adventure the children will want to get caught up in. It’s philosophical, it’s deep, it’s funny, it’s heart-breaking, it’s just great and it has an extraordinary cast.”