Doctor Who: An Adventure In Space And Time star Reece Shearsmith says Troughton role is an “honour” and could the next Time Lord be Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

Reece Shearsmith

Reece Shearsmith has revealed his honour at being asked to take part in this year’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations.

Fans of the hit BBC family sci-fi show will know how, as well as a 50th anniversary episode staring current Tine Lord Matt Smith and his predecessor David Tennant along with a bag full of other returning and special guests, BBC2 is also showing a biopic about how the show came to life, Doctor Who: An Adventure In Time And Space.

It is in the biopic that Shearsmith is making his debut, playing Troughton, and according to the League Of Gentlemen star he couldn’t be happier about being part of the epic landmark occasion, which he described as “a lovingly rendered thing”.
Discussing his part with Digital Spy, the actor explained:

I was honoured to be part of it. Mark’s had that idea for a long time and he’s finally got to do it this year. It’s the perfect time for it to happen, with it being the 50th anniversary in November.

I think he just always had this idea that I would [play Troughton]. It’s very small – I’m literally only in a very small little bit, but it was lovely to be part of it.

Mark was in his absolute element, wandering around the TARDIS… the attention to detail was immaculate. He’s done a really good rendering of that time and that story. I think it’s a real treat.

Shearsmith went on to praise his co-star David Bradley’s performance William Hartnell, the actor who played the first ever Doctor, describing it as “absolutely brilliant”.

However, despite his excitement at the anniversary, and admitting that he would “love” to follow it up with an appearance on the hit BBC show, Shearsmith confirmed he was not in the running for Matt Smith’s job when he leaves in December:

Oh God, no! I’ve literally not even thought about it. I’ve had a few people tweeting me that, saying, ‘You should be the Doctor’… I’m like, ‘What??’

It could be literally anyone. I can’t imagine who we’re gonna get. But it would be good to go older, I think, because they’ve done two younger ones.

But, if a recent poll by EntertainmentWise is anything to go by, Smith’s replacement would be Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

When the popular site asked its readers who they would like to see take over from current Time Lord Matt Smith, a whopping 31% of readers voted for Meyers, who has starred in several blockbuster films including Bend It Like Beckham and Mission Impossible III, with his nearest runner up, Russell Brand, coming in at only 19%, followed by Rory Kinnear with 13%.

The least voted for candidate was Two and A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher.

Watch an interview with Reece Shearsmith in the clip below: