Doctor Who: Arthur Darvil says ‘Doctor Who is such a different job to any other’ and Toby Whitehouse admits he would like to be show runner!

by Anna Howell

After we reported earlier this week that Doctor Who mastermind, Steven Moffat, has ruled out a return for Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the actor who plays Rory, Arthur Darvil, has revealed how different working on the hit BBC sci-fi family entertainment show to any other job you could have.

Arthur Darvil became a household name when acting alongside Karen Gillan as Rory Williams and his wife Amy Pond, the previous companions of the current Doctor Who (Matt Smith).

The pair left the show last year in an emotional and dramatic episode, The Angels Take Manhattan, making way for the Time Lord’s new companion Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) to make herself at home in the infamous Tardis.

Since leaving the show Darvil is currently starring in the hugely popular 8-part ITV drama series, Broadchurch, in which he plays the vicar of a village rocked by the mysterious death of an eleven year old boy.

Broadchurch also stars David Tennant who played the Doctor before Matt Smith, but surprisingly this was the first time that the two actors’ paths crossed, as Darvil explains to the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“We met for the first time at the read-through for this, but we got on really well.

“Doctor Who is such a different job to any other, it was nice talking to someone who’s been through that.”

Continuing on the subject of Doctor Who, Darvil continued:

“It’s weird. I went to the National Television Awards last month and they were showing clips from the Christmas episode, which I’m not in, and it was like, ‘Oh, I used to be in Doctor Who.’ It’s good, it’s something I’m so proud of, but it was definitely the right time to go.

“Me and Karen Gillan (who played Amy Pond) sat down with the show’s executive producer, Steven Moffat, a year before we left and had a discussion about how long we thought we should stay.

“As it turned out, we were all on the same page, so none of it came as a surprise. But it did feel very strange us leaving and Matt Smith (the Doctor) carrying on without us.

“We’ll stay pals, though.”

Meanwhile, Being Human creator Toby Whithouse has admitted that he wouldn’t mind a job as the show runner for Doctor Who!

Doctor Who is currently steered by the genius that is Steven Moffat, and there are no plans (that we know of) for that to change anytime soon.

However, this slight technicality doesn’t seem to have put Whitehouse off, who told SFX:

“I have heard the rumours,

“I’ve been hearing them for years now.

“In terms of my future on Doctor Who, this kind of speculation only takes place in the heads of the fans.

“I’m going to be busy doing The Game [a new BBC spy drama] for however long that lasts and I think Steven is doing incredible work on Doctor Who and I’d much rather he stay there.

“No-one from the BBC has said anything to me,’ he said of the idea that he could replace Moffat.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued by the idea, but also it would be terrifying.

“It’s definitely something I’d be really tempted by but I’m genuinely not in any hurry to do it.”

Watch the trailer for the new series of Doctor Who in the clip below:

Doctor Who, The Bells Of Saint John, can be seen at on Saturday March 30th on BBC1/BBC1 HD – to find out when CLICK HERE