Doctor Who: Catherine Tate says “Is there any any other Doctor beside David Tennant?” and Matt Smith excited to start filming Christmas Day episode with Peter Capaldi!

by Anna Howell


With the entire world still digesting the news that Peter Capaldi is to replace Matt Smith as the 12th Time Lord in Doctor Who, Catherine Tate has revealed that in her opinion there has ever only been one Doctor – Smith’s predecessor David Tennant!

Of course she is somewhat biased on the situation given that she starred alongside Tennant as his companion Donna Noble, a role she has told TV Times she would be happy reprise should the writers see fit.

Tennant is set to make a Doctor Who comeback in November when he and another companion from his time on the show, Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper join forces with Smith and his current companion Clara Oswald played by Jenna-Louise Coleman as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary in a one off special episode to be screened in 2D and 3D in homes and cinemas across the country.

And according to Tate, who will not be taking part in the celebrations, it will be something spectacular as she exclaimed to the publication:

“Is there any other Doctor beside David?”

Meanwhile, as we previously reported, the Christmas Day episode which will see Smith regenerate into Capaldi, begins filming this weekend, with Smith adding a wig to his costume having shaved off his famous locks for his new film, How To Catch A Monster.

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Discussing the filming of festive treat the actor explained to ITV breakfast show, Daybreak:

“I’m excited – I start shooting the Christmas special [on] Sunday. It’ll be sad – the end of a wonderful era!”

Joining Smith and Capaldi this Christmas is expected to be the Cybermen who make their first return since being reinvented by show writer Neil Gaiman for the episode aired earlier this year, Nightmare In Silver.

Doctor Who returns to our BBC screens on November 23rd for its 50th anniversary episode.