Doctor Who Christmas Spoilers: The Doctor to snog new companion Clara on Christmas Day (PICTURES)

by Anna Howell

We reported ealier thsi month how Doctor Who head writer, Steven Moffat, had revealed that the Time Lord’s infamous Tardis would have a brand new look in time for this year’s Christmas special as it has had a huge interior make-over, but one detail he did fail to mention was a new love interest for the Doctor!

According to the creative genius, who is also responsible for BBC phenomenal success Sherlock, the modern-day twist on the legendary Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has confirmed that, whilst the outside of the legendary time travelling machine will remain as it is, the inside of it has undergone a complete revamp.

Moffat made the announcement via the official Doctor Who blog, which said:

“The exterior of the time machine will remain the reassuring blue box but once inside we’ll see a whole new magical world that will be home to the Doctor and Clara throughout their adventures which continue in spring, 2013 with eight epic episodes.

“The new set was designed by Michael Pickwoad, the show’s production designer since 2010, and so far we’ve only got this tantalising glimpse of it…”

When asked what else we could expect from the Christmas special, due to air at 5.15pm on Christmas Day on BBC1, Moffat went on:

“The Christmas episode is Doctor Who only more so and this year we’re going for more epic. The Doctor, when we meet him, isn’t in a good place. A bit like when we first encountered William Hartnell as the Doctor in 1963 – or indeed Christopher Eccleston in 2005 – this a cold and withdrawn Time Lord, wanting no part of the world around him. It’s going to take a lot of Christmas spirit to get him back out of those TARDIS doors.”

“There are Snowmen. You’ve probably guessed that from the title. But that’s not all. Dear me, no! But monsters should always be a bit surprising, so that’s all I’m saying.”

With regards as to how the Christmas special differs from a typical series instalment, Moffat continued:

“You’re very aware of the time of year, and the noisy, sugared-up, slightly tipsy household. Sometimes we play along with something a bit frothier. Though this year, we might just give them a fright!”

Now, so the Sun newspaper reports, there is more than a shiny new phone box to look forward to, as there is love in the festive special too!

As this picture shows, the Timelord doesn’t seem to need any mistletoe as he moves in for a Christmas kiss with new companion, Clara Oswin, played by former Emmerdale actress, Jenna-Louise Coleman!

The scene is set to take place in the dark festive episode,The Snowmen,set in the 1800s and also staring Richard E Grant.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Snowmen, is due to air on BBC1 at 5.15pm on Christmas Day, before the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new assistant Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) return to our screens in spring 2013 with eight new amazing episodes.

Watch Smith and Coleman introducing this year’s Christmas Special trailer during last month’s Children In Need in the clip below: