Doctor Who creator, Steven Moffat “Amy, Rory exit was tremendous challenge”

The genius behind the iconic Doctor Who series, Steven Moffat, has admitted he felt under “tremendous pressure” when it came to writing the recent exits of two of the shows main stars, Karen Gillan who played Amy, and Arthur Darvill who played her onscreen husband, Rory.

Both stars are set to leave the show during the seventh series, when the Doctor  returns to our BBC screen later this year.  Speaking of their departures to the Huffington Post, Moffatt said:  “The event status of Amy and Rory leaving, which I’ve just written, you feel tremendous pressure with that.  Because you don’t know if you’ve enjoyed a story until it’s over, and this is the ending.

“And then you’re bringing someone else in [as the new companion]. All that is massively demanding.”

He went on to explain how difficult it was to keep the hit sci-fi drama  “very near the top” throughout a series run.

“We’re always trying to work out how to get episode seven coverage in the newspapers,” he explained. “Obviously episode one will [be written about], but how do you make [a later episode] a must-see?

“There’s a constant game of that, because Doctor Who is an expensive show, it has to be very near the top all the time. That’s tough to keep going.”

The final Doctor Who episode for Gillan and Darvil has now been filmed in New York and features the monstrous Weeping Angels, the script for which has recently been described as “incredible” by Matt Smith, who plays the legendary Doctor, who said:  “[I am] really, really pleased with [the scripts].  So if we get them right, the Ponds’ final hour could be incredible.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One this autumn.

Watch a video depicting Amy and Rory’s tumultuous relationship below: