Doctor Who: David Tennant says he won’t comment on female Doctor as it will bite him on a**e!

by Anna Howell


Hands up who can’t wait till Sunday so we can finally put an end to all the speculation surrounding the 12th Doctor Who and their sex, age and colour?

Ever since current Time lord, Matt Smith, announced his decision to leave the hit BBC family sci-fi entertainment series earlier this year rumours have been rife about just who could be called on to take the iconic baton from him during this year’s Christmas Day Special.

Right from the off bookies threw a spanner in the works by naming a female replacement with odds of 8/1 suggesting that the next regeneration would bring the show into more politically correct times by casting a female or black actor in the role.

Since then several names have been thrown in to the ring, ranging from Harry Potter star Rupert Grint to Michael Jackson’s 16 year old daughter Paris, whilst fans and critics had a tug of war over whether such a big change would be suitable for the show.

Whilst all this was going on the BBC have said (several times) that a female Doctor would not be considered as the network felt that it would raise too many awkward questions between the shows younger fans and their parents, but this didn’t really seem to put anyone off the idea.

And, with everyone in the world having an opinion on the matter, now the 10th Tie Lord, Matt Smith’s predecessor, David Tennant has come forward to express his – or not as the case may be!

When asked by SFX magazine whether he thought it a good idea for the Doctor to change sex, he replied:

“You are not going to get a quote from me on that. It will come back and bite me on the a*** whatever I say!”

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

Moving swiftly on to the subject of the 50th anniversary episode, which see’s Tennant and his former companion Billie Piper joining forces with Smith and his companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, he went on to say:

“I can’t say I was surprised. There is a precedent to this, isn’t there?

“It has happened a few times down the years so it was never out of the realms of possibility that it would happen for the 50th anniversary.

“I was more surprised about how long it took to come through. It actually took quite a long time.

“There had been a sketchy little conversation about it – and there was a long gap before I got the call.

“For a long time I was starting to think it was never going to happen – so there was an element of surprise there. But the general concept was something I always expected.”

Watch the Doctor Who panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in the clip below: