Doctor Who finale spoilers: Clara receives a mysterious letter from Madame Vastra


The BBC isn’t taking it easy with the Doctor Who teasers this week, with a brand new promo having been released ahead of tomorrow night’s season 7 finale.

In the promo video, Clara receives a very mysterious letter from Madame Vastra, which indicates that the Doctor may be in a spot of bother… and it seems serious!

Tomorrow night, fans are expecting the Doctor’s true identity to be unveiled, but, it seems he has a bit of bother on his hands judging by the mysterious, intriguing and odd letter Clara finds laying on the kitchen counter from Madame Vastra.

The letter arrived in the post earlier that morning, and on the back it states “Open when alone”.


“My Dearest, Clara,

“The Doctor entrusted me with your contact details in the event of an emergency, and I fear one has now arisen…” the letter reads.

If that little teaser doesn’t get you in the mood for tomorrow night’s finale, I don’t know what will!

Although, it has been revealed that fans may be left a tad deflated by tomorrow night’s finale episode as the title could be a little misleading. The finale is titled “The Name of the Doctor”, but fans may not find out the actual name of the Doctor during tomorrow’s episode.

A source told the Daily Star: “We may have to wait another 50 years to find out. Steven Moffat is a big tease.”doctor-who-tnotd-4

Meanwhile, in a trailer that was released a few days back, Jenna and Matt talk about the forthcoming finale, with Jenna stating it is going to be “epic” and a “real treat for the fans”.

She said: “The finale is epic, it’s such a treat for all of the fans. It goes from dark where the whispermen are – absolutely terrifying. What I think it is, is it’s a monster, a villain, that has kind of got styled. They don’t run at you, they kind of come at you really slowly and that creepy confidence is absolutely terrifying”.


Matt added:  “Steven has written one of his brilliant monsters again called The Whispermen and they are really scary, I think they’ll be a fan’s favourite as they’re one of my favourites this year.

“Richard E. Grant is back in malevolent form, Riversong back, the team back together again trying to save the day. Throughout this season, we’re building up to the revelation in the last episode and then it kicks us off somewhere else and then of course the ending – the ending is the moment of all moments”.

The finale of Doctor Who airs tomorrow evening at 7pm on BBC One/HD.