Doctor Who finale The Name of the Doctor – NEW teaser released, Jenna Louise Coleman: “The finale is epic”


The finale of Doctor Who is hurtling forward at light speed, and it won’t be long until we find out the true identity of the Doctor… or so we think.

The lovely people over at the BBC have today released a brand new promo video, which sees Jenna and Matt tease what may be coming up in the finale on Saturday evening.

Jenna says that the finale is “epic” adding that it is “such a treat for all of the fans”.

She said: “The finale is epic, it’s such a treat for all of the fans. It goes from dark where the whispermen are – absolutely terrifying. What I think it is, is it’s a monster, a villain, that has kind of got styled. They don’t run at you, they kind of come at you really slowly and that creepy confidence is absolutely terrifying”.


Details surrounding tomorrow night’s finale have been kept very firmly under wraps – well, if you discount the minor error of all them DVD’s being sent out early!

However, sources have teased that despite the misleading title, fans may be left a little deflated tomorrow night as the true identity of the Doctor may not be unveiled in a way we’re all expecting.

A source told the Daily Star: “We may have to wait another 50 years to find out. Steven Moffat is a big tease.”

In the new teaser that has been revealed, Matt Smith adds: “Steven has written one of his brilliant monsters again called The Whispermen and they are really scary, I think they’ll be a fan’s favourite as they’re one of my favourites this year.


“Richard E. Grant is back in malevolent form, Riversong back, the team back together again trying to save the day. Throughout this season, we’re building up to the revelation in the last episode and then it kicks us off somewhere else and then of course the ending – the ending is the moment of all moments”.

The finale of Doctor Who airs tomorrow evening at 7pm on BBC One/HD.