Doctor Who – Fourth episode title revealed: The Doctor’s Wife

by Gerard McGarry

Leaked photo from Doctor Who, The Doctor's WifeWe’ve been eagerly awaiting news of Neil Gaiman’s episode of Doctor Who, perhaps one of the most anticipated of the sixth series. And today, SFX have confirmed that the episode will be titled The Doctor’s Wife.

You heard right – The Doctor’s Wife. The internet is guessing that the character of Idris, played by Suranne Jones, will turn out to be The Doctor’s…well, wife.

Naturally, this title boggles the mind. Given The Doctor’s complicated relationship with River Song, we have to wonder whether he’s already married to Idris or if he becomes married during the episode.

Of course, grizzled fans will know to take the episode title with a pinch of salt. After all, The Doctor’s Daughter was essentially a cloning storyline, rather than us meeting a character from The Doctor’s distant past. And the Christmas special The Next Doctor didn’t give us a glimpse of the future Time Lord, but was a Victorian man with a memory modification. So you can see why we’d be holding off on becoming too excited straight away.

Neil Gaiman himself hinted that Idris is “an old acquaintance with a new face” and a Doctor Who producer teased that the whole episode will be a “love letter to the fans”:

It involves quite a big sprawl, huge alien world locations and a new take on a familiar character, which required a lot of work. It’s a big episode, but I think it’ll be one the fans will love. It’s a real love letter to the fans.

All of this vaguely reminds me of last year’s rumour that Gavin & Stacey’s Joanna Page was going to play a long-lost relative of The Doctor. At the time, we believed that it was going to be a new incarnation of his granddaughter Susan Foreman. Can’t help wondering if the series is going to explore the darker parts of The Doctor’s own history. If so, a big thumbs up from me!

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