Doctor Who: Jenna-Louise Coleman say new plot is “mystifying, exciting”


Jenna-Louise Coleman, the actress playing the new companion of Doctor Who, has described her new and multiple roles as “mystifying but exciting”.

The actress, who has also starred in Emmerdale and Titanic, will make her full series debut as Clara Oswald in tonight’s series 7 second half premier of the hit BBC family sci-fi entertainment show, after first appearing as Oswin in the 2012 episode Asylum of the Daleks and then again as a Victorian governess in last year’s Christmas special, The Snowmen.

In tonight’s episode, The Bells of St John, Coleman will return as Clara again, this time as a modern day female companion of the iconic Time Lord, currently played by Matt Smith, but despite the actress exclaiming that the energy needed for the part being “ridiculous” she is loving being part of the show.

Speaking to Metro newspaper, the actress explained:

“It’s a hard backstory to get your head around,

“My approach was to play all three as individual people and trust that there would be a payoff. It was mystifying but exciting to get the chance to play such a complex part. You never know where it’s going to lead.

“You’re talking and moving all the time. The energy you need is ridiculous. I think it’s all about finding the tune – at first all I could see were all the individual notes.”

doctor who the bells of saint john

In tonight’s episode, The Bells of St John, due to air at 6.10pm on BBC1, Jenna-Louise Coleman will make her debut as the Time Lord’s new assistant Clara Oswald, in what show writer Steven Moffat has described as a ‘modern-day urban thriller’ by the show runner.

The Bell Of Saint John was partly shot in London amidst many iconic landmarks, old and new, and will feature a new nemesis, the Spoonheads, as well as a guest appearance by Celia Imrie who will play Miss Kizlet, as the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, and Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) set to work investigating a threat when they makes a sinister discovery in the Wi-Fi connection!

Watch the trailer in the clip below:

Doctor Who, The Bells Of Saint John, can be seen at 6.10pm on Saturday March 30th on BBC1/BBC1 HD.