Doctor Who: Jenna-Louise Coleman says her family are “impressed” by hew new role!


New Doctor Who actress, Jenna-Louise Coleman, has revealed that her family are very impressed with her new role playing Clara Oswald, the Time Lord’s current companion.

The actress, who has also starred in ITV mini-series Titanic and in Emmerdale as the lesbian murdering vicar’s niece Jasmine Thomas, made her full series debut as Clara Oswald in last weekend’s series 7 second half premier of the hit BBC family sci-fi entertainment show in The Bells Of St John, after first appearing as Oswin in the 2012 episode Asylum of the Daleks and then again as a Victorian governess in last year’s Christmas special, The Snowmen.

In The Bells of St John, Coleman returned as Clara again, this time as a modern day female companion of the iconic Time Lord, currently played by Matt Smith.

The Doctor’s companion’s is one of the most prestigious jobs any British actor could wish for, so it is no surprise that her family are super impressed with Jenna’s new job, as she explained to Metro:

“My brother is a joiner, like my dad, and they came to the Doctor Who set to see me at work,

“He’d never been much impressed by my acting stuff before but he watched filming and said, ‘You’ve got the coolest job in the world – fighting the Cybermen’. I think he’s right.”

doctor who the snowmen 1

The actress went on to admit that she doesn’t worry about the effect the show will have on her life, explaining:

“I can’t afford to think about that. “It might change but so far people don’t recognise me. I think it’s because I’m short, whereas Matt has a distinctive walk.”

Doctor Who - Series 7B

Jenna recently described how it felt working on the show, explaining to the publication:

“It’s a hard backstory to get your head around,

“My approach was to play all three as individual people and trust that there would be a payoff. It was mystifying but exciting to get the chance to play such a complex part. You never know where it’s going to lead.

“You’re talking and moving all the time. The energy you need is ridiculous. I think it’s all about finding the tune – at first all I could see were all the individual notes.”

Doctor Who returns this Saturday with The Rings Of Akhaten at 6.15pm on BBC1/BBC1 HD: Watch the trailer for it in the clip below: