Doctor Who: Karen Gillan admits that Matt Smith is quite the prankster!

Karen Gillan has admitted that Matt Smith likes to lighten the mood on the Doctor Who set, by playing regular jokes at her expense.

The 23 year old actress recently filmed her second series of the hit BBC sci-fi show with the gawky star and at yesterday’s screening of the opening episodes of series 6, admitted that Matt often got the better of her.

She told The Sun:

“He’ll hide in my trailer and I’ll go in, humming to myself, and he’ll just jump out at me. The first time was hilarious – he scared me so much I fell backwards against the wall.

“He also has an annoying habit of filming me if I fall asleep in make-up in the mornings, and it’s a hideous sight – I’m not going to lie.”

Karen also admitted that Arthur Darvill, who plays her on screen husband Rory Williams, likes to join in with the pranks.

She added: “We mess around all day. But I think that works because as a viewer I’d like to see the Doctor, Amy and Rory having fun. I think it helps to create chemistry on screen.”

However, Matt wasn’t laughing so much when he and Alex Kingston – who plays River Song -had to repeatedly film a scene which saw her slapping him on the face.

She said: “His cheek was getting redder and redder. Matt lost his sense of humour after about five – I don’t pull my punches!”

On their tender kissing scene she added: “The kiss was nice too. I didn’t have to kiss him as many times as I had to slap him – but they were both fun.”