Doctor Who: Kenneth Branagh wants to play a funny Cyberman and Colin Baker thinks its time for a woman to be cast!


Whilst every eligible actor in the country secretly (or not so secretly in some cases) is longing to be picked to replace Matt Smith as the 12th Doctor Who, one of them has set their sights on a very different role in the show indeed – Sir Kenneth Branagh wants a part as a Cyberman!

Matt Smith announced his decision to step down from the iconic role last month, with his exit and changeover with his replacement scheduled for this year’s Christmas Day special.

Since the announcement rumours have spread like wildfire over who will be picked to take the iconic baton from him, with many people, and bookies, believing that this might be the time to move the show forward with the politically correct times and cast a female or black actor in the role.

As yet no decision has been made about who will be the 12th Time Lord in the hugely popular BBC familys ci-fi entertainemnt series, but it has certainly caused a storm for those in the acting circus of Great Britain with just about every man and his dog having an opinion on the matter!

And, during a recent Gaurdian Q&A session, Sir Keneth Branagh has been discussing his thoughts on the show, and who he thinks should be next Time Lord to save the universe – but it’s not himself!

He explained:

“I am a long-time hide-behind-the-sofa-in-the-early-Doctor Who-in-the-1960s fan,

“The Master I remember was played brilliantly by an actor called Roger Delgardo. I don’t think I can get him out of my mind.”

Craig meets the Cybermen in Doctor Who, Closing Time

However, when asked what part he would play in the show if he could, he replied:

“Is there a leader of the Cybermen? Or even just a funny Cyberman?”

Colin Baker

Meanwhile, the 6th Doctor and former I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here star, Colin Baker, has revealed that he believes, like many, that the time is right for a female to be cast in the role.

He explained to Flicks and the City website:

“If the Doctor has twelve incarnations, surely he must be in touch with his feminine side to a certain extent,”

The actor then went on to say how he expected whoever is cast in the role to be a relatively unknown actor.

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  1. Wendy on July 19, 2013 at 10:54 am

    I think Kenneth Branagh would make an excellent Doctor Who actually and NO to a female Doctor !!!!

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