Doctor Who: Matt Smith admits there will be no River Song revelations until second half of series

Matt Smith has admitted that Doctor Who viewers won’t find out exactly who River Song is until the second half of the current series.

For the first time ever, bosses of the hit sci-fi TV show have planned a mid season hiatus, so the series will end for a period next month and return later this year on BBC One.

The 28 year old star, who is best known as the 11th incarnation of the Titular Timelord – has told fans that they have a bit longer to wait, before they find out exactly who the mysterious archaeologist River Song (Alex Kingston) is.

Although Matt can’t give too much away he insists her true identity will have “serious” consequences for The Doctor.

He said: “It does develop nicely and there are huge cliff-hangers throughout the coming series there’s a great one at the end of episode seven which is a killer and at the start of the next sort of season as it were, episode eight, we really do learn who she is. It’s particular serious and something we’ve all been waiting to hear that, well at least I have.”

Matt has confessed that he the Doctor’s interactions with River, because he enjoys the challenges and havoc she brings to the episodes, while usually managing to save the day.

He added to BBC Radio 1: “Well the first time The Doctor met her she died and then she’s come back under the tenure of Mr Steven Moffat and we don’t know what she is. She just kinds of swoops in and swoops out and causes all kinds of madness and havoc and saves his life on most occasions.

“But she knows more about his future than he does which for The Doctor is a very strange and bizarre concept because he usually knows the most and therefore it hopefully creates for quite a funny and flirtatious relationship, it makes The Doctor uncomfortable, which I think is good because not a lot does.”

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