Doctor Who: Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman discuss 11th Doctor’s exit!


Comic-Con is quite a big time for many TV shows and one of which is the UK’s very own Doctor Who, in which Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith discussed the eleventh Doctor’s exit from the show.

Of course, Matt Smith is leaving his role as the eleventh Doctor at the end of the year following the 2013 Christmas episode – sad times. He said he felt like it was “the right time to go”.

Speaking to Digital Spy in an exclusive interview at the event last weekend, Matt Smith said: “I’ve had a great four years. Part of me thought maybe this is the right time to go and after the 50th and the celebration of its birthday, that perhaps this is my time”.

When asked what he will miss about playing the Doctor, he added: “I’m going to miss playing a character that can go through A to Z in a second and I’m going to miss playing a character that walks in the room and is immediately the cleverest person there and therefore can be the most ridiculous. I’m going to miss being a character that can wear a purple suit and be ‘normal’ and not change his clothes. I’m going to miss everything.

“I love that character, I love the show, it has changed my life – it has been amazing”.

Jenna added: “I’m just going to miss everything that he [Matt Smith] brings in everyday that is seen on paper and then you to block it and you don’t know what direction it’s going to go in – the energy as well. I’m just going to miss him”.

Oh dear, pass us the tissues…we’re welling up here! God knows what we’ll be like when the Christmas episodes arrives later this year.

doctor who 50tth anniversary poster

The question on everyone’s lips is ‘How will the eleventh Doctor depart the show?’.

When asked what he knows, Matt said: “Not much. We know Steven has written about twenty eight pages and it sounds great actually. I think Steven is such a brilliant writer, I think he’ll deliver something fitting and I think he’ll write a brilliant regeneration episode”.

Coleman quipped: “He’s been locked in his hotel room at Comic-Con writing some more of it”.

Finally, when asked why they think the show has lasted and sustained for 50 long years, Coleman said: “Because it can be constantly new and brave and bold and 50 years of it doesn’t change it – it’s exactly what the 50th anniversary episode does, it totally reinvigorates the show and sends it in a completely different direction. It’s a very transformational episode which is amazing if you can do that after 50 years”.

Matt continued: “And you’re not bound by logical time, space or genre and at the heart of it, it’s a story about a silly, clever man who saves the universe using kitchen utensils and I think there’s something quite endearing and everlasting about those types of stories”.

Doctor Who will return in November for its special feature-length 50th anniversary episode and Matt will appear for the final time as the eleventh Doctor on the Christmas 2013 episode.