Doctor Who: Matt Smith and Steven Moffat pay tribute to Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill

by Gerard McGarry

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy and Rory

The star and showrunner of Doctor Who have both paid tribute to departing actors Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. Speaking at a screening of Asylum Of The Daleks, Matt Smith and Steven Moffat both praised their colleagues and said that their characters will reach new heights before they bow out later this year.

Amy and Rory leave ‘tragically’ in the fifth episode of this season, which Moffat dubbed “the year of the Ponds” during a special preview of Asylum Of The Daleks in London yesterday.

Matt Smith, speaking about Amy and Rory’s role in the forthcoming episode, said:

But I think the episode is actually about marking what brilliant companions these two are, actually, and I just think they’re both spellbinding in it. And they get better throughout the next five. In the last episode, they’re just brilliant. It’s so, so heart-wrenching to see them go.

Of course, Smith regretted his kind words by the end of the interview, when Karen and Arthur began mocking the way he was holding his microphone! He joked “This. This is what I won’t miss.”

Moffat pays tribute to Gillan and Darvill’s work on the show, praising the pair for bringing the characters of Amy and Rory to life.

One thing that I can’t get my head around is that I’ll never go to the set and see them again. It’s just shocking and miserable that we won’t see them at a screening again. All of that is a genuine event in your life that changes forever.

And what happened on screen was beautiful, backwards work. They made them [Rory and Amy] real. And you have yet to see how far they go, these characters. The rest of this series is absolutely the year of the Ponds.

He went on to say that he was glad their story had panned out as planned (perhaps referring to the long running arc that ended with the revelation that River Song was actually the child of Amy and Rory):

To start and embark on a story like that and hope that it works out, that you get to the end of the plan, that it lasts a good long time. Generally speaking, something goes wrong. Someone doesn’t want to come back, someone’s not very good, all that.

This was sort of perfect. It had the beginning, it had the middle, it had the end we always hoped for. It’s a relief to know that it ended well. It’s just terribly sad to know that those days never, ever come back. Because unlike The Doctor, I have to life my life in the right order and we can never revisit those times. And I’m never going to speak to Arthur or Karen again.

Will you miss the Era Of The Ponds, or are you looking forward to Doctor Who: the Jenna Louise Coleman years?