Matt Smith talks football dreams, Doctor Who’s going to Comic Con & what is Tom Baker’s #the fourth video about?

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It is pretty hard to imagine Doctor Who star Matt Smith doing anything other than acting so you may be surprised to know that before he decided to turn his hand to it, he had actually set his sights on being a professional footballer!

After a successful theatre career, Smith made his TV debut in 2006 playing Jim Taylor in the BBC adaptations of Philip Pullman’s The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North, followed in 2007 playing Danny in the BBC series Party Animals.

He then took the iconic baton from David Tennant to become the eleventh Doctor in the long-running family sci-fi series in 2010 and has become a household name in television, and films!

However, before the glitz and glamour of stage and screen Smith dabbled with some rather less flattering roles, as he has discussed with Guardian Weekend. He admitted that he once worked as a glass collector in a pub and explained:


“On my first day as a glass collector I had to brush sick off a carpet, which was pretty horrendous.”

But despite this he was always destined to be in the spotlight as before getting his big break, the actor was nearly a professional footballer!

After captaining his school football team he was scouted by Premier League side Leicester City where he threatened to be a force to be reckoned with, making the long journey up from Northampton everyday to train.

However, his dreams were cut short when a back injury at the tender age of 16 left him with spondylosis and unable to play, as he explained to the publication:
“I got injured as a kid and it prevented me from becoming a footballer

“Now I’m quite happy being an actor but, at the time, that was the biggest thing to overcome”.

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And now he is moving on to pastures new after revealing that he is bowing out of the hit show this Christmas, but before he steps out of the Tardis permanently he, and his co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman have revealed that they will be presenting the 50th anniversary celebrations to San Diego Comic-Con on the last day of their convention!

Smith and Coleman, along with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, will be leading a discussion about the series and its 50th anniversary special episode in Hall H at 12:30 p.m, Pacific time.

Meanwhile, BBC Worldwide has caused confusion and speculation, after the team released a video with references to former show star Tom Baker.

#the fourth video features dialogue from the era of Tom Baker as well as a desk filled with pictures of characters who appeared with him on the series. In the clip the voices of Sarah Jane Smith, K-9 and two other assistants can be heard and the video ends with Tom poignantly saying “don’t you forget me”.

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Tom Baker was the fourth doctor in the hit BBC show and is probably one of the most recognisable from all the former stars who acted in the sci fi series before it’s recent revamp.

He starred as the titular timelord from 1974-1981, meaning that he has played the role longer than any other actor before or since but apart from a return in 1993 for a charity special, ’Dimensions in Time’ he has not been seen in the tardis since.

The 50th anniversary special Doctor Who is fast approaching and fans have begun to speculate over a possible role for Baker in the episode, which will air on BBC One and BBC America on November 23rd.

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