Doctor Who: Matt Smith would love Star Trek or Star Wars role!

doctor who

Whilst the entire nation is focussing on who will replace Matt Smith when he leaves his role as the current Doctor Who this Christmas, Smith himself is focussing on what he himself will be doing when they do.

Smith, who took over the iconic role from 10th Time Lord David Tennant back in 2010, announced his decision to leave the award-winning family sci-fi entertainment series earlier this month, and since then the rumour mill has gone into overdrive tying to double guess who his replacement will be.

But whilst all eyes have been firmly on the show’s future, Matt Smith has been thinking about his own!

At last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, Smith expressed a desire to star in either future Star Trek movies, or the new Star Wars film, whilst praising their director, JJ Abrams.

When asked if he would like to star in the next Star Trek movie, Smith replied:

“Yeah, I would [work with] JJ. Or Star Wars. So, just putting it out there.”


However, the actor, who has recently been filming for Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How to Catch a Monster, went on to explain how Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, who stared as John Harrison in the recent blockbuster Star Trek: Into Darkness movie, ┬áhas probably ruined his chances:

“Ben’s kind of done the English villain now, hasn’t he? And he was great in it,

“I love Star Trek and I love JJ Abrams. What that man can do with a steadycam is amazing,”

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

Smith has only two episodes of Doctor Who left – the first being the much-anticipated 50th anniversary episode which he is starring in alongside his current companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, both their predecessors David Tennant and Billie Piper along with a special guest cast including John Hurt and Joanna Page to mark the occasion.

After that, but not until the BBC decide on his replacement, he will be filming the Christmas Day Special which will see him regenerate into the 12th Doctor – whoever he, or she may be!

Watch an interview with Matt Smith at this year’s Comic-Con in the clip below: