Doctor Who newbie Jenna Louise Coleman goes topless for Room at the Top role!

I’m not sure what the Doctor would have to say about his new companion getting her kit off in the TARDIS…

But that’s precisely what Jenna Louise Coleman – who is of course playing the role of the Doctor’s new sidekick Clara Oswin – has done in new drama, Room at the Top according to today’s Sun!

Here’s what the Radio Times has to say of the first of the two-parts of the BBC4 drama, which you can watch on iPlayer by clicking here

First in a two-part drama, based on John Braine’s novel about an ambitious Yorkshireman trying to realise his social aspirations in post-war Britain.

Qualified accountant Joe Lampton (Matthew McNulty) leaves behind a working-class background when he moves to affluent Warley, where he joins the amateur dramatic society, hoping to find a better class of woman…

He meets Alice Aisgill (Maxine Peake), who sets him up with the daughter of the town’s richest man, but Joe’s hopes of marrying into the middle-class lifestyle he craves are threatened by his and Alice’s passion for one another.

Jenna stars in Room at the Top – which is an adaptation of John Braine’s novel of the same name – as Susan Brown on whom Joe sets his sights, even though he’s very much punching above his weight.

The drama concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC4, but for now, here’s a clip…

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