Doctor Who sees ratings slump as fans blast The Rings Of Akhaten!

Doctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten 1

It’s been revealed today that fans of Doctor Who took to various internet forums in their droves on Saturday night to complain about the second episode of the highly anticipated new series…

And not only did viewers brand The Rings Of Akhaten “the worst episode ever” a million fewer fans tuned in this weekend when compared to the previous weekend’s series two debut.

The Sun’s TV Biz reports, “The latest episode, the second in the new BBC series, was watched by 5.7 million people, compared with the 6.7 million who tuned in at Easter…

“The drop is significant for the second instalment starring the Time Lord’s new companion Clara Oswald — played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, 26.”

The Rings Of Akhaten, was written by scriptwriter Neil Cross, who is the creator of the award winning Luther series, but it seems his work failed to hit the right note with Doctor Who fans.

One viewer took to Twitter to say, “Just caught up with Doctor Who. Wish I hadn’t. Boring rubbish.”

Doctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten 2

Another wrote: “Genuinely the worst episode I have ever seen.”

While yet another said, “The most forced, cringeworthy faux sentimentality since the Van Gogh episode. Terrible.”

However there were some fans who said they enjoyed the episode, and with regard to the slump in viewing figures, some suggested that many fans watch the show on iPlayer and therefore wouldn’t have been counted in initial viewer numbers.

And a BBC spokeswoman was keen to play down the drop in ratings, and the complaints, saying, “This episode convincingly won its slot. The series is in fine form and Jenna-Louise is a big hit with viewers.”

So, what did you think of the episode? Was it dreadful or did you enjoy it?

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9 Responses to “Doctor Who sees ratings slump as fans blast The Rings Of Akhaten!”

  1. Michael says:

    Thank you for letting me know this isn’t a site to be taken seriously. The Sun? Really? A little bit of accurate information for you. Before this episode the average viewer rating for this series of Doctor Who was 8.04 million…on a par with Series 4’s 8.05 million which is the HUGHEST since the show returned in 2005. None of those figures include the BBC3 repeat or iPlayer views (of which Doctor Who is ALWAYS number 1 in the charts). Overnight ratings of between 5.5 and 6.5 million are perfectly normal for the show. It has a BIG increase in viewers who record and watch it later. In essence…THERE IS NO ‘SLUMP’ IN VIEWING FIGURES AT ALL. I’m not defending The Rings of Akhaten, which was decidely average, but please stop perpetuating this nonsense that viewing figures are falling. They’re not.

  2. Rsteady says:

    The episode Rings of Akhaten was unfortunately complete inane dribble. “Captain!!..the thingamabob has thermostatically phase sheared and a canna invert the phase shift in time. She’s gonna blow!!” And sure enough the latest episode of Dr Who did blow, big time.

    When any program, even Dr Who, slips into pseudo scientific psycho babble all true fans assume the foetal position and hope that after the impact they will wake up and it will all have been a bad dream. No, not the one where Bobbie walks out of the shower.

    Seven planets surrounding a sun that is an ancient god. Why’s he/she/it a god..because it devours little girls? Or could it be that it is a god because it provides life for 7 circling planets?

    So Dr Who jumps in gives his stories and is still alive, no damage done, then a leaf out of pure sentimentality kills a sun oh we must remember it is an evil sun as it had a nasty face.

    Then it implodes/explodes and it is completely gone, as seen in the last cgi shot. Yet the 7 planets lose no light, heat and the rings remain even though there is no longer any mass therefore no gravity to maintain the rings.

    This is not the quality Dr Who fans expect and I hope with some counselling and the passing of time we can all move past this unfortunate episode.

  3. JK says:

    The only saving virtue of The Sun is that it’s slightly cheaper than real toilet paper.

    However it’s difficult to use as such as it’s already full of crap.

  4. Stu says:

    Announced earlier today by Doctor Who Magazine:

    “With 8.44m, The Bells of Saint John was the 8th most watched TV show of the week behind 5 x Coronation Street, 1 x EastEnders & Broadchurch.”

    Massive uplift. There is no ratings slump it’s just that people are watching it differently.

  5. bd2999 says:

    I actually really liked the episode. It reminded me more of the space romps with Davis in charge. I thought most of it was pretty good. there were some problems with it but both of these episodes were much better than some of the ones in the first part of the year.

    you want to talk horrid Doctor Who go to the Girl who waited.

  6. Rsteady says:

    Although the episode was not up to standard it will take more than one miss to drop the Dr Who fanbase.

    We all stuck it out till the end of Matt Smiths first season when he was still finding his feet.

    As for the Sun newspaper, well the Dr got the wrong monster this time but we can only hope that he’ll get around to taking out the real trash.

  7. Daniel J says:

    And then the time-shifted ratings are released and they spike by nearly 1.5m which the first ep ACTUAL figures just did. The same will happen with this one.

    Why is the media so keen to tear WHO down? With the time shift last week it is now one of the most watched shows of the week.

    Hope the Sun are doing an article today on the “Who Ratings Juggernaut”…. no didn’t think so.


  8. neil says:

    don’t now what all you people saying it was good been watching but im a fan brought up on dr who an minutes into the episode i was horrified it was so stupid childish dribble so boring at the end i said that was a pile of s**t

  9. Cassie says:

    The scripts have been pretty weak. Not up to snuff. I think the biggest problem is the new companion she is completely wrong for this part. She has no depth. Her performance is frequently boring. After picking Karen Gillian, it is hard to believe the same group missed the mark so badly here. Even Smith’s performance seems to drag around her. Amy seemed to make any episode interesting, but that is because Karen Gillan was a superb actress. I don’t expect it to get better until they replace the companion.