Doctor Who Series 7: Leaked promo pic shows The Doctor carrying dead Amy?

Doctor Who: The Doctor carrying dead Amy past Daleks?

What you’re looking at is an epic spoiler pic leaked via Doctor Who Spoilers to Flickr. It shows a bruised and battered Doctor carrying Amy Pond through fire and an army of Daleks.

And since we know that this is Karen Gillan’s last series of Doctor Who, is it safe to assume that Amy is *gulp* dead in this picture? More importantly, are the Daleks closing in on The Doctor, or are they protecting him? The reddish Dalek is shooting away from him in this picture, which suggests that his oldest enemies are actually flanking him!

Speaking of Daleks, there are quite a variety of them on display in this picture, though the episode Asylum Of The Daleks promises to show every incarnation of the Skaro mutants. We can see quite a few versions in this picture, from the golden Russell T. Davies one on the left to the classic blue and white one on the right. And does anybody recognize that retro tin-can behind Amy’s head?

Of course, most Whovians are drawn to the black Dalek just behind The Doctor. Theories, people! We need theories!

Still, the timing of this picture comes just before BBC One releases a new trailer for the series tomorrow. Die-hard fans of the show are sure to be emotional at the sight of an unconscious Amy being carried by The Doctor. We can be fairly sure that this is one thing that River Song doesn’t have in her spoilers diary – the death of her own mother.

Will you be sad when Amy’s final scenes play out? Leave us a comment!

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