Doctor Who Series 7 trailer shows dinosaurs, Daleks and… dead Amy Pond?

by Gerard McGarry

Doctor Who: The Doctor carrying dead Amy past Daleks?The latest Doctor Who teaser trailer has hit the web, and it’s exactly the kind of madcap rush of scenes from various episodes of the upcoming seventh series.

Featured most prominently are the Daleks – they’re returning en masse this year in Asylum Of The Daleks – and we see The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory captured and standing in what looks like a massive Dalek ampitheatre.

But (and maybe this ties into what we wrote last night) The Doctor seems baffled as to why the Daleks aren’t killing him already. He bellows at them “You’ve got me. What are you waiting for?” Could it be that his oldest enemy actually needs him this time?

For the victims?

One of the most interesting scenes in the trailer is when The Doctor is ranting at Amy. It looks like he’s getting ready to punish a villain in the old West, and he’s raging that people have suffered because he’s shown mercy in the past which has allowed his enemies to continue causing pain and suffering. It’s a tried and tested theme in fiction anyway, but there are overtones of David Tennant’s “Time Lord Victorious” in Matt Smith’s delivery here:

The Doctor: Today I honour the victims first. His, the Master’s the Daleks’. All the people who’ve died because of my mercy.

Amy: See, this is what happens when you travel alone for too long.

Should The Doctor be more ruthless with his enemies? You tell us…

And the rest…

The rest of the trailer is manic glimpses of other characters from the series:

  • A cyborg cowboy who’s yelling “Face me!” Presumably to The Doctor?
  • A momentary shot of River Song in a fedora? Somebody needs to shoot that off her head immediately.
  • Dinosaurs. On a spaceship. (The only moment where I truly cringed, imagining Stephen Moffat’s self-congratulatory internal dialogue: “Moffat, you are truly bonkers!”)
  • Pterodactyls chasing The Doctor. On the same beach as the Byzantium?
  • An awesome cherubic Weeping Angel! First time we’ve seen one this small?

Who killed all the Daleks?

And finally…that end scene, with Rory asking “Who killed all the Daleks?” and The Doctor holding an unconscious Amy Pond. He answers enigmatically “Who do you think?”

I loved the ending, because it bookends The Doctor’s “Mercy” speech at the start of the trailer. Did he finally decide that genocide was the right solution to rid the universe of the scourge of the Daleks forever? Or was it Amy?

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think of it!