Doctor Who Spoilers: Amy Pond will battle robots who want to kill her with kindness!

by Lisa McGarry
Karen Gillan as Amy Pond in The Girl Who Waited

Pond stares enigmatically into the distance. "I think I left the iron on at home..."

Arthur Darvill has revealed that he and ‘Doctor Who’ co-star Karen Gillan will face deadly robots who want to “kill you with kindness” in this week’s episode.

The 29-year-old actor – best known as hapless Rory Williams on the BBC sci-fi show – will see his character panic when wife wife Amy Pond gets put in quarantine by Handbots in ‘The Girl Who Waited’ to escape a deadly alien plague.

Although the hospital robots are trying to treat Amy, their help actually has fatal consequences for The Doctor’s companion.

Arthur told BANG Showbiz: “Amy gets put in a kind of quarantine and there are these robots called Handbots that try and kill you with kindness. They try to be kind to you by helping and there’s this plot thing where they’re actually quite dangerous but they’re brilliant. Every episode in this part of the series has really got its own style – this one’s very bright white and very science fiction but the story’s got such a big heart to it.”

Arthur confessed that tomorrow’s installment is one of his favourite episodes of the series’ and can’t wait for fans to get a better insight into Rory and Amy’s relationship.

Arthur – who also stars in the programme with Matt Smith, who plays The Doctor – added: “I can’t say too much about it but it’s brilliant, it’s one of my favourite episodes and it’s a real kind of Amy/Rory episode and it reveals a lot about their relationship and about their feelings toward each other … it really delves into why Amy and Rory like each other and what they mean to each other and it’s a brilliant story as well. Me, Matt and Karen watched it together, it’s brilliant. Karen’s brilliant in it.”

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