Doctor Who Spoilers: Cybermen to return for Matt Smith’s Christmas Day regeneration into Peter Capaldi?

by Anna Howell


Now that we all know which actor will be featuring in the Christmas Day regeneration of Doctor Who, rumours have been circulating with regards to which baddies instigate it – and it is very exciting!

Current Time Lord Matt Smith announced his decision to leave the hit BBC family sci-fi entertainment series earlier this year sparking a nationwide hunt to find his replacement.

Or so we thought.

With names in the ring ranging from Dame Helen Mirren to Corrie star Craig Charles as fans called for the next regeneration to move the show forward with the politically correct times and cast either a black or female actor in the iconic role, there was apparently only ever one audition!

According to show runner Steven Moffatt, there was no big search for Smith’s replacement at all – only one person was ever considered and that person was Peter Capaldi.

So now that we have the two Doctors in place, which out of the infamous Time Lord’s extensive back catalogue of villains would best fit the job at hand – The Cybermen!

The Cybermen are a race of cyborgs who are amongst the most persistent enemies of the Doctor, and were originally a wholly organic species of humanoids originating on Earth’s twin planet Mondas that began to implant more and more artificial parts into their bodies as a means of self-preservation. This led to the race becoming coldly logical and calculating, with every emotion deleted from their minds.

Craig meets the Cybermen in Doctor Who, Closing Time

Originally created by scientific advisor Dr. Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis more than four decades ago, The Cybermen first appeared in the serial The Tenth Planet in 1966, the last to feature William Hartnell as the First Doctor, and returned to our screens a number of time in this period, until the show was cancelled.

They made their most recent modern day comeback at the hands of writer Neil Gaiman in the 2013 episode “Nightmare in Silver”, showing technologically advanced Cybermen able to instantly upgrade themselves to fix flaws and weaknesses, and have made a few appearances since in various games and in an episode of the spin-off show, Torchwood.

But now, it is reported, they are back!

According to Doctor Who stunt performer Daz parker, she is playing one of the villains in this Christmas Day special which will see Smith regenerate into Capaldi, as she took to social networking site, Twitter, to tell followers:

‘Great to be stunting again for Dr Who in the Christmas special playing a Cyberman!’


Little is known about the Christmas Day episode of Doctor Who, which doesn’t even have a title yet, but Moffatt has praised Capaldi in his new role describing him as “an utterly brilliant, arresting-looking leading man” and “one of the most talented actors in Britain”.

Doctor Who returns for its 50th anniversary celebratory episode on November 23, and then again on Christmas Day for the regeneration.