Doctor Who Spoilers: Dame Diana Rigg and daughter Rachel Stirling to star in The Crimson Horror!


Jenna-Louise Coleman, the actress who plays the Time Lord’s current companion Clara Oswald in Doctor Who, has revealed details of the upcoming appearance of Dame Diana Rigg and her daughter, Rachel Stirling, in the epic sci-fi family entertainment show.

As we reported earlier this year Dame Diana is one of many high-profile cameos making their Doctor Who debut this series, but it will be the first time that she has ever appeared on screen with her daughter, Rachel (apart from home movies we assume!)

Dame Diana made her mark on Great Britain playing iconic roles such as Emma Peel in The Avengers and Countess Teresa di Vicenzo in the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, as well as being an adversary of 1960s feminism.

Her daughter, Rachel Stirling is a two-time Olivier nominee for her stage work, but is best known for her performance as Nancy Astley in the BBC drama Tipping the Velvet.


Now both mother and daughter are coming together for a new episode of Doctor Who, written by Mark Gatiss and entitled The Crimson Horror, which is set to follow them playing on-screen mother and daughter as they hide a dark secret.

And Jenna-Louise Coleman, who made her full Doctor Who debut last weekend playing Clara as the seventh series returned for its second half, has been discussing what it was like to work with the iconic Bond girl!

Doctor Who - Series 7B

Speaking to Vulture, Coleman said of Rigg:

“Oh my God, she was so funny on set. She’s got a lot of banter on her. I think [co-star Matt Smith] described her role as an old hag – but in the best possible way.”

Going on to discuss the role that Rigg plays, the former Emmerdale actress continued:

“She’s our villain and she runs a place in 1800 Yorkshire called Sweetville, which is kind of Stepford Wives-y. She has a big factory and she’s up to no good.

“Her daughter, Rachael Stirling, is also playing her daughter on the show, and they just go at each other.”

steven moffat

Coleman then went on to discuss showrunner Steven Moffat’s plans for the rest of the series:

“He’s good with his secrets. But I was quite adamant about not needing to know,” she said. “Matt didn’t know [Clara’s mystery] either, not until the script came through and then we were both like, ‘Aaah!’ It’s also always a work in progress.”

“We go through a lot of script changes, things are always evolving and being tailored, so I think Steven likes to play things close to the vest until he’s sussed them out properly.”

Doctor Who returns this Saturday with The Rings Of Akhaten at 6.15pm on BBC1/BBC1 HD: Watch the trailer for it in the clip below: