Doctor Who Spoilers: Jenna-Louise Coleman teases Clara’s first encounter with River in ‘Name Of The Doctor’


The Doctor Who series finale is just minutes away and we are pretty excited to find out who the season is going to be brought to a close.

Already we know that Clara will be at the centre of the episode, and is forced to take action when new foes the Whisper Men kidnap Victorian crime fighters Vastra, Jenny and Strax.

As he tries to rescue his allies, the Doctor (Matt Smith) must go to the place that no Timelord should ever venture into because it could wipe him out and change the course of his life forever. It isn’t just him being put in danger either and his actions could have huge and far reaching repercussions.

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The Name Of The Doctor should reveal just that however, we will also get some insight into the women in his life also and in this final instalment it has been promised that Clara’s history and identity will finally be revealed and we will discover how she can have died twice and lived in different time periods.

But the Doctor isn’t the only one we’ll learn more about. As promised, the season finale will finally explain everything about Clara: How she is SoufflĂ© Girl, how she’s twice dead, how she’s lived in different times without knowing it.

Clara will also come face to face with the Doctor’s wife River Song (Alex Kingston) for the first time and in a recent interview Coleman told that it is a very intersting meeting.

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She explained:

“I think people are going to assume our relationship to be a certain way, but [showrunner Steven Moffat] has been very clever in bringing her in. It was great to see Clara react to another woman in the Doctor’s life because she didn’t know he was married until this point. She’s only just found out. So that is a whole interesting part of the story as well.”

Doctor Who’s “The Name of the Doctor,” airs tonight on BBC One at 7PM in the UK and at 8/7c on BBC America. Watch the video and leave your comments below….