Doctor Who spoilers: Save the Daleks? Watch the new Asylum Of The Daleks video

by Gerard McGarry

Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks posterA new teaser trailer for Asylum Of The Daleks shows the Doctor’s pepper pot enemies pleading with him to…SAVE THEM!

The new Doctor Who trailer shows The Doctor, Rory and Amy being taken to a Dalek mothership. They find themselves in front of an army of Daleks. Initially, The Doctor assumes that his mortal enemies are here to kill him, but instead they begin frantically begging to be saved. The question is, from what?

The video clip also gives you an idea of how much the cinematography in Doctor Who has improved for this series. The special effects are slicker. The artwork is more lavish. And this story, in particular, shows that the production team are serious in their mission to make each episode ‘feature film quality but with all the boring bits taken out’!

Here’s an observation: if something as spoilery as the Daleks begging The Doctor to save them is being revealed at this stage, then this episode MUST contain some epic surprises. (It does – Unreality TV were at the screening this week!). And since the BBC have teased the premise of Asylum Of The Daleks, we guess Stephen Moffat won’t mind us mentioning this next bit…

The episode takes us to Skaro – the home planet of the Daleks – for the first time in the revived series. We’ve seen Gallifrey reimagined in other episodes, but never Skaro. And in fact, the CGI-made planet looks bleaker than you’ve ever seen it before. It also features an enormous Dalek monument and The Doctor slightly aghast at how the planet has fallen into ruin. It’s quite a treat for old and new fans alike!

Have a look at the Asylum teaser video and see if you can tell us what the Daleks want saved from!

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  1. Pete on August 18, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Hm… Who destroyed the Daleks? Actually, that’s not a question… The Doctor destroyed them all in the time war (or at least believed he did). SO maybe they’re begging to be saved by him, from him. He can’t very well stop his previous self but through timeywimeyness he could stop them from all being wiped out, and explain how they survived in the first place. Unless of course he refuses, which means they won’t survive. It all rather sounds like their may be a knock on effect which could lead to a collision course with a previous encarnation…

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