Doctor Who Spoilers: Warwick Davis hopeful for show return (VIDEO)!


After his Doctor Who debut last Saturday, Life’s Too Short star, Warwick Davis, has revealed that he would love to make a return to the show!

Davis, who is one of stars made big by British comic Ricky Gervais, appeared during last Saturday’s Doctor Who episode, Nightmare In Silver, as Porridge – a chess master who had converted a deactivated Cyberman into a chess-playing machine at an abandoned theme park.

His character was later revealed to be the Emperor, a title which he claims he never wanted, and asks Clara to marry him won over by her beauty and intelligence, Clara respectfully declines his proposal on the grounds that she does not want to be Queen of the Universe, leaving poor Emperor Porridge heartbroken.

But, without a death (which let’s face it doesn’t pose much of an obstacle for returning Doctor Who Characters, as Clara can testify) Warwick is hopeful that this means there may be a return on the horizon for his character in the near future.


Discussing his role in an interview with the official BBC Doctor Who website, Warwick discussed how chuffed he was to be cast:

“Not only was I going to be in doctor who, which has been a true ambition of mine since I can remember, then to be in an episode written by Neil (Gaiman, one of the show’s writers), with Cybermen in – it’s the jackpot.

“They are cooler than ever – the first day on set I saw some Cybermen all lined up doing their synchronised movement it was a big thrill. Until one of them took their heads off, and it was just a bloke.”


He then went on to explain how he would love a return for his character:

“What I do like about it is that my character doesn’t die. He just sort of goes off in a space ship. Where to? ‘Oh, we want to know what’s happening? Don’t let him go, we won’t to know more about him! Don’t we! Yeah.’ So that’s always a good thing.”

Watch the full interview in the clip below:

Doctor Who returns on Saturday night with its series 7 finale, The Name of the Doctor at 7pm on BBC1/BBC1 HD.