Doctor Who star Alex Kingston finds out her great grandmother ran a brothel on Who Do You Think You Are?!

In tomorrow night’s edition of Who Do You Think You Are? on BBC1, we’ll see Doctor Who star Alex Kingston – who of course plays River Song in the sci-fi drama – discovering the shocking revelation that her great grandmother was a ‘Madam’ who ran a brothel!

According to the Daily Mirror, as Alex learns more and more about her ancestors, she seems “baffled” by some of the facts that the show’s historians have discovered.

She remarks, “Almost all of the women are heads of the street which seems extraordinary. The men seem absent.”

However, the penny then drops and a stunned Alex says, “Are they prostitutes, are they really? Oh my god, oh no.”

The paper adds, “Great great great great grandma Elizabeth Braham was convicted of running a house of ill repute in Westminster.”

As we’ll see in the show, Elizabeth, who died in 1873 aged 84, was a single mum who had four children to bring up. On a census, Alex finds that Elizabeth’s listed profession is “lodging housekeeper.”

The show’s historian Catherine Arnold then goes on to say that not all the women linked to Elizabeth were actually prostitutes, but she adds that they did “run the houses” where men paid for sex. The women who offered their services usually ended up making more than ten times the wage that a servant could expect to receive.

Alex adds, “When I heard she took in lodgers I thought it was like my nan. But the difference is the lodging Elizabeth established was a brothel.

“This afternoon I found my inner whore. I was not expecting that.”

And of Elizabeth, who was also convicted of running another brothel near Leicester Square, Alex said, “She was a force of nature.”

See the full show tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC1.

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  1. Desariella of Aresia says:

    Wow. Amazing what you learn.