Doctor Who star Matt Smith has split from girlfriend Daisy Lowe

It’s been reported today that Doctor Who star Matt Smith has split from model Daisy Lowe, who he’s been dating for 18 months.

The Sun states that the couple have simply grown apart since their conflicting and busy work schedules have meant that they’ve barely seen each other of late.

Friends of the couple say they’re both “devastated” at the split, but they apparently intend to remain friends. Nobody else is thought to be involved in their break up.

A source close to Matt and Daisy told the paper, “It’s been hard for them to find time together [but] this has come as a surprise to everyone.

“It was thought they’d be together for a really long time because they were so into each other…

“They always seemed so happy together. Matt was besotted with Daisy and she adored him.”

At the moment, Matt is busy filming for his role in forthcoming movie, Bert and Dickie, while Daisy is headed overseas for a photo shoot.

The source added, “It’s really sad that this has happened, but as they’re both so in demand at the moment it was really difficult for them to find time together.”

However, it seems that aside from their hectic lives, Matt was concerned about getting too comfortable in the long-term relationship, as he isn’t ready to commit to marriage as yet.

The source said, “Whenever engagement and marriage was mentioned he was uncomfortable.

“He’s still a young man and the thought of being tied down was a lot to digest.”

A spokesman for both Daisy and Matt refused to comment on the news.

Here’s a clip of one of the last times the couple were seen together at Berlin airport last month…

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