Doctor Who: Steven Moffat teases 2013 plotlines!

by Anna Howell

The genius behind Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, has revealed new details about the 2013 series of Doctor Who.

Eight new episodes of the epic and legendary BBC1 sci-fi family drama are set to air next year in the build-up to a 50th anniversary special in November.

Moffat, who recently revealed details of this year’s Christmas special, teased to SFX:

“We have Doctor Who taking on the modern urban thriller, which is not very much like anyone else’s modern urban thriller!”

“We’ve got your base-under-siege story in a new way. We’ve gone all-out to give you a fantastic alien planet, which is looking absolutely amazing. We’ve got a cracking ghost story, a really cracking ghost story.

“We’ve got Diana Rigg and junior Diana Rigg [actress Rachael Stirling] in an absolutely mental story by Mark Gatiss – all period drama will pale next to this monstrosity of nonsense! It’s absolutely glorious. You’ll watch other period dramas and say ‘When are they going to do the scary bit?’

“And then there’s the finale, which has got some serious fanboy-pleasing going on in it.”

Moffat then went on to promise that Neil Gaiman’s forthcoming Cybermen adventure – featuring guest stars Warwick Davis, Tamzin Outhwaite, Jason Watkins and Will Merrick – will exploit the “creepy factor” of the iconic villains:

“Part of the impulse there was to say, ‘Have we fully exploited the creepy factor of the Cybermen yet?’ – I thought Neil would be a good match for that,” the writer explained.

But before that, Doctor Who will next return to BBC One on Christmas Day with festive special ‘The Snowmen’, of which Moffat has said:

“The Christmas episode is Doctor Who only more so and this year we’re going for more epic. The Doctor, when we meet him, isn’t in a good place. A bit like when we first encountered William Hartnell as the Doctor in 1963 – or indeed Christopher Eccleston in 2005 – this a cold and withdrawn Time Lord, wanting no part of the world around him. It’s going to take a lot of Christmas spirit to get him back out of those TARDIS doors.”

“There are Snowmen. You’ve probably guessed that from the title. But that’s not all. Dear me, no! But monsters should always be a bit surprising, so that’s all I’m saying.”

With regards as to how the Christmas special differs from a typical series instalment, Moffat continued:

“You’re very aware of the time of year, and the noisy, sugared-up, slightly tipsy household. Sometimes we play along with something a bit frothier. Though this year, we might just give them a fright!”

Watch Smith and Coleman introducing this year’s Christmas Special trailer during last month’s Children In Need in the clip below:

The Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Snowmen, is due to air on BBC1 at 5.15pm on Christmas Day, before the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new assistant Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) return to our screens in spring 2013 with eight new amazing episodes.