Doctor Who: Steven Moffat thinks Adolf Hitler would be offended by new episode ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’

Steven Moffat has admitted that Adolf Hitler would probably be very angry with Doctor Who writers, if he saw himself in the new episode ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’.

The showrunner who penned the instalment, says that he fully intended to ridicule the Nazi leader in his script and claimed that it was always his intention poke fun at the fascist dictator.

Unreality TV were at the London screening of ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ at the BFI last night and speaking during a Q&A session with some journalists, Moffat said he always wanted to ‘take the mickey’ out of the famous leader. He said:

“Hitler is quite an iconic name to be honest – in an evil and ghastly way. I think my younger son said, ‘Won’t Hitler be offended?’ In Indiana Jones there was a brilliant gag where Indiana Jones accidentally gets Hitler’s autograph. I think if you really want to p**s off Hitler, now that he’s dead, you don’t make him into an icon of evil, you take the mickey out of him, make him a joke, make him be punched by Rory. I can imagine how cross Adolf would be if he watched the episode.”

Steven also revealed that the return of the series, will also focus on the death of The Doctor (Matt Smith) which was shown in the series opener ‘The Impossible Astronaut’.

The writer has introduced a number of mind-boggling plotlines to the current season but he is confident viewers will be able to keep up when the show returns to screen later this month.

Steven explained: “They’re all basically going back to Lake Silencio. I mean, that’s where the Doctor’s going. He’s going to know that he has to turn up there and die . But assuming an intelligent audience is a good idea and clearly, going by our ratings, it’s a successful idea. I can’t see what’s wrong about assuming intelligence in your audience and what’s bad news about being rewarded for assuming that. They are clever, they will get it. My nine year old got all of this ages ago.”