Doctor Who Spoilers: Steven Moffat offers bribe to fans who got hold of leaked series 7 finale!


It was revealed earlier this week that a few American Doctor Who fans have managed to get their hands on the series 7 DVD, which includes this week’s finale The Name of the Doctor, due to a shipping error.

Now, in a desperate bid to keep the secret everyone is dying to know, show runner Steven Moffat is offering those who have seen it a bribe to keep schtum and not spoil it for anyone else. reported yesterday how, due to the glitch which saw the complete series sold to lucky fans way ahead of its release date, some viewers had already taken to social networking sites such as Twitter to post pictures of their DVD box sets, whilst refraining from giving away the finale conclusion, which many believe will see the famous TimeLord finally named.


Many fans took to tumblr pages to beg those who knew the secret not to spoil it for others, with the Wiki page for the Name of the Doctor stating:

“On Sunday 13th May 2013, a week before the official premier of “The Name Of The Doctor”, Doctor Who crew member Edward Russell, Doctor Who on BBC America and the official Doctor Who Twitter all announced that a small number of Doctor Who fans in the USA had received their Bluray box set of the second half of series seven early due to a production error, and asked for “Whovians” who had received the final episode early to not spoil it for other fans”


Whilst Edward Russell, a crew member for the highly popular family sci-fi entertainment, show took to Twitter to ask fans:

‘Production error in US means DW bluray shipped early. Let’s hope no one spoils it for those who want to enjoy it together in sat. Please rt.’
‘This is like a Doctor Who version of the Dunkirk Spirit!! I know some folk want to boast, but it is much better if we all watch it together.

‘If you are a genuine DW fan or fansite – please rt my last message.


Meanwhile the Doctor Who official Twitter account released the following:

‘Some US DVD’s of this series have gone out early. The #DoctorWho team would be hugely grateful if fans helped keep the spoilers off the net.

‘Steven Moffat has promised if fans help keep the finale’s secret, we’ll release a special video featuring Matt & David (Smith & Tennant, we presume) right after the ep!’

For the sake of those people who want to enjoy the show on Saturday, we will not be publishing any of the spoilers leaked through from the US with regards to this Saturday’s series 7 finale, Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor.

But you can watch it for yourself this Saturday at 7pm on BBC1/BBC1 HD, watch the trailer for it in the clip below:

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