Doctor Who: The BFI confirms the names of the episodes to feature in the ninth doctor screening at the 50th anniversary event


Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve just not seen enough of Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor? If that’s the case, we possibly have the answer for you…

The BFI (British Film Institute) have announced the names of the episodes they will be screening in August as part of the Doctor Who at 50 event.

The Doctor Who at 50 event will feature the ninth doctor (Eccleston) in August and the two episodes that will air are part of a two-party story. They’re titled ‘Bad Wolf’ and ‘The Parting of the Ways’.

The two episodes heralded the end of the ninth Doctor’s run on the show, and features a script by Russell T. Davies.

In the two screening’s, viewers will see the Doctor and Captain Jack trying to fight the Daleks as they are caught up in a nightmare cycle of endless reality television. They suffer cruel games as they contend with the Daleks and they must find and save Rose. The Doctor even has to escape the Big Brother house.

Bad Wolf: In this episode, The Doctor, Rose and Jack Harkness find themselves separated when they wake up with temporary amnesia in various different television shows. The Doctor ends up in the Big Brother house, which is being hosted by Davinadroid. Rose ends up on the set of The Weakest Link which is being hosted by Anne Droid and Jack wakes up facing two female androids who offer to give him a makeover on a show similar to What Not to Wear.

Christopher Eccleston

Losing contestants on The Weakest Link and Big Brother are disintegrated and on What Not to Wear, participants undergo brutal cosmetic surgery. Luckily, the Doctor manages to escape from the Big Brother house and he takes along a housemate called Lynda. They discover that they are on Satellite Five which has been renamed the Game Station and is under the control of the Badwolf Corporation.

The Doctor, Lynda and Jack go in search of Rose. They find her just as she loses the final round of The Weakest Link and she is subsequently disintegrated. They are arrested and taken to the control room on Floor 500 in which they meet the controller, a cybernetic human. Jack finds the Tardis and he realizes that the losing contestants aren’t actually disintegrated, they’re just sent off the station. The Daleks find Rose and open a communication channel to the Doctor, threatening that they will kill Rose if he attempts to interfere.

The Parting of the Ways: This episode opens with the Daleks about to invade Satellite Five. They question Rose on what the Doctor will do next.

The Doctor generates a protective shield around them as he materializes around Rose and the Dalek. He exits the Tardis to speak to the Daleks, in which he is surprised to see the Dalek Emperor in command, and even more surprised when the Emperor describes himself as a God.

The Doctor, Rose and Jack return to the Game Station and he sends Rose home for her own safety as an attack from the Daleks is imminent. When Rose lands back in London, she realizes that the words “Bad Wolf” are displayed where the Tardis has landed and she knows that it is a message rather than a warning.

doctor who 50tth anniversary poster

The Daleks force their way onto Floor 500 and kill Jack and Lynda. Before the Daleks have chance to kill the Doctor, the Tardis materializes and Rose is wrapped in the glow of the time vortex in which she reveals that she is the Bad Wolf. The Daleks attempt to exterminate Rose, but she stops them and disintegrates the Emperor and his entire fleet. The Doctor kisses rose as she begins to burn up from the power, he takes the entire power of the vortex into his own body which destroys every cell he has. Rose panics as the Doctor tells her that he won’t be seeing her again. He then burns with energy from the regeneration process… and that’s the end of the ninth Doctor!

The screening takes place on August 24 at 2pm at NFT1, BFI Southbank, London.

The Eighth Doctor event will take place in September.