Doctor Who ‘The Impossible Astronaut’: Who will die – The Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song or Rory Williams?

Doctor Who returns to our screens this Saturday night and we bet we’re not the only ones wriggling with excitement!

The most interesting thing for most viewers will be finally finding out which one of the show’s four major characters will die. Showrunner Steven Moffat has promised that either The Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song or Rory Williams will meet their end in the opening episode, ‘The Impossible Astronaut’.

“We’re not lying, we’re not cheating: one of those four people is going to die! The Doctor’s darkest hour is coming.” showrunner Steven Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine this month.

He added:

“Shows like Doctor Who should have big, colourful, memorable moments that make you go, ‘What the hell?’. Well this is one of them.”

“If you’re not going ‘What the hell?’ it’s business as usual, but it’s hard to create a shock in Doctor Who when we’ve already blown up the universe a couple of times! What do you do next? When I came up with this incredible, heart-wrenching twist, I thought, ‘We kill off one of the leads in the season opener! Who’s going to stop watching at that point?’ It lures you in.”

So who do you think will die and will it be for good? Rory has already passed away in Amy’s arms and the Doctor has more lives than a very lucky cat. The tabloids last year reported that Amy would die as part of the mid season cliffhanger, but Matt Smith later denied these rumours.

Let us know who you think is most in danger in the poll below. We’ll compare the results to the outcome after the show airs on Saturday night.

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