Doctor Who: “The tears you’ll see are real” says Karen Gillan of her on-screen departure as Amy Pond

by Lynn Connolly

Tonight’s episode of Doctor Who, which is of course entitled, The Angels Take Manhattan, sees the departures of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, and in an interview with the Daily Mirror, Karen Gillan – who of course plays Amy – has revealed that the tears we’ll see on-screen were in fact real.

Describing her exit from the show as “highly emotional” she told the paper that she in fact wept for a fortnight after she filmed her final scenes as the Doctor’s sidekick.

She said, “I just can’t believe it’s real. I have just always thought in my head I am in the show until the final episode airs, so I thought I had loads of time.

“But now it is approaching.

“It is a really weird sensation because I can’t wait to see the episode and can’t wait for everyone else to see it – but I don’t want it to air at the same time…

“I was emotional for about two weeks filming the episode and I was crying at everything. Things that weren’t even sad, anything would set me off.

“Everything was already bubbling under the surface. So in my final scene it is not even acting, it is real because I knew I had to leave in real life and I had to leave Matt and Arthur.

“It was something that came really naturally.”

Karen made the decision to leave last year, and discussed how her character would be written out over dinner with the show’s boss Steven Moffat.

It was after that meeting that Steven worked out Amy and Rory’s (Arthur Darvill) exit storyline.

Karen added, “It was hard to film at points because I was getting nostalgic.

“I kept thinking ‘this is the last time I will do this or that’. But I couldn’t have asked for a better way to go, it is so good.

“All I wanted was for her to go out in flames of burning glory. I definitely think she does that.”

She went on to say, “It changes your life so much. I have been through so many extreme experiences. It can’t help but make you a little bit older.

“And I am so much more confident. I was like a rabbit in headlights when I started. I was like ‘what is this’.

“I was 21 and had never done it before. You evolve with it and go with it. I feel like I can handle it now a lot more.”

And of course, after tonight’s episode, the role of the Time Lord’s sidekick will be played by Jenna-Louise Coleman whose character, Clara Oswin, we meet properly in the show’s Christmas episode.

Of Jenna, Karen said, “We met in the make up truck and it was so interesting.

“I was looking at her thinking ‘you have no idea what is about to happen to you’.

“I suddenly felt wise and mature which has never happened to me before! I didn’t offer her any advice. I just sort of said some supportive words.

“I didn’t want to push my advice on her. It is her experience and not mine any more.

“I watched the first episode [in which Jenna appeared briefly] and I thought ‘the role is definitely in safe hands’. That I am absolutely sure about.

“I sent her a text after that saying I thought she smashed it out of the park because she really did.

“It is not easy doing that stuff when you are on your own, running around using all sorts of equipment in a spaceship.

“She has all the elements to be a great companion.”

Finally, while she wouldn’t give away any spoilers about how Amy leaves in tonight’s show, she did say, “We covered so much with that character and I wanted to leave on a high.

“I didn’t want it to drag on or fizzle out in any way. It doesn’t this way – the character goes the right way.”

Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan is on BBC1 tonight at 7.20pm.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.

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