Doctor Who to air in US and UK on 23rd April 2011

The BBC has revealed the premiere date of the new Doctor Who series.

The hit sci-fi show will return for it’s sixth run on Easter Weekend – Saturday 23rd April.

Doctor Who magazine reports that the first episode, written by executive producer Steven Moffat will also air on BBC America on the same date.

Mark Sheppard (who tweeted about the show this week) and Jonathan Creek’s Stuart Milligan will appear in the opening two episodes. Mark will be playing a character called “Canton”. His father W. Morgan Sheppard will portray a older version of the same character in the instalments which are set in 1960s America.

Steven Moffat confirmed on Doctor Who Confidential that Alex Kingston will return as River Song in series six and will reveal her identity and background story to the Doctor.

The series will run for seven initial episodes, then take a two-month hiatus after a massive cliffhanger and return to BBC One in September.

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