Doctor Who: Top 18 quotes from “The Girl Who Waited”

by Gerard McGarry

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond in The Girl Who Waited

Last night’s episode of Doctor Who, The Girl Who Waited, was a wonderful, character-driven story that looked at what happens when The Doctor fails his companions. Amy finds herself stuck in a compressed timeline, ageing years while The Doctor and Rory try to rescue her.

Here’s our full review of The Girl Who Waited. Spoilers in there and also below.

Each week, Unreality TV brings you our favourite quotes from Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who. Tonight, there’s a bumper crop as emotional scenes between Rory and Amy (and Amy and Amy) led to some brilliant dialogue. And that’s after our bellyaching last week that Amy never gets the good lines! Anyway, let’s take a look at the best quotes from last night’s Who:

  1. I wonder if The Doctor follows Steven Moffat on Twitter?: “I bring you to a paradise planet 2 billion light years from Earth and you want to update Twitter?”
  2. The Doctor: “No, Rory, it’s kind. You’ve got a choice. Sit by their bedside for 24 hours and watch them die, or sit in here for 24 hours and watch them live. Which would you choose?”
  3. Amy Pond shows misplaced faith in Rory from the start: “Rory, I love you. Now save me. Go on.”
  4. Amy might have a teeny chip on her shoulder: “I’ve been here a long time. I’ve had decades to think nice thoughts about him. Got a bit harder to stay charitable once I entered decade four.”
  5. Amy doesn’t mince her words: “In fact I think I can now definitely say, I hate him. I hate The Doctor. I hate him more than I’ve ever hated anything in my entire life.”
  6. Amy: “I got old, Rory. What did you think was going to happen?” Rory: “Hey! I don’t care that you got old. I care that we didn’t grow old together.”
  7. Wow, Amy, bitter much?: “Survive, because no-one’s gonna come for you. Number one lesson. You taught me that.” Doctor: “Is that really all I taught you?” Amy: “Don’t you lecture me, blue box man, flying through time and space on a whimsy.”
  8. Amy‘s not a fan of Rory’s specs: “They look ridiculous.” Rory: “That’s what I told him. Still, anything beats a fez, eh?”
  9. Rory can’t quite accept this wrinkly version of his wife: “You being here is wrong. For a single day, an hour, let alone a lifetime. I swore to protect you. I promised.”
  10. Rory: “You should look at a history book every once in a while, see if there’s an outbreak of plague or not.” Doctor: “That is not how I travel.” Rory: “Then I do not want to travel with you.”
  11. Old Amy: “You’re asking me to defy destiny, causality, the nexus of time itself, for a boy?” Younger Amy: “You’re Amy, he’s Rory.” Old Amy: “Yes, I am.”
  12. Amy: “This is big news, this is temporal earthquake time. I am now officially changing my own future. Hold on to your spectacles.”
  13. The Doctor says something that might impact on the series finale: “Yes, except sometimes knowing your own future is what enables you to change it, especially if you’re bloody minded, contradictory and completely unpredictable… (to Rory) Yes, if anyone can defeat predestiny, it’s your wife.”
  14. Rory: “But that means there’d be two of you. Two Amys. Together. Can that work?” Doctor: “I dunno. It’s your marriage.”
  15. Rory: “How about Amy One speaks first?” The Amys: “Which one’s Amy One?”
  16. Doctor: “I lied to her Rory. There can never be two Amys in the TARDIS. The paradox was too massive.”
  17. The Doctor: “There can only be one Amy in the TARDIS, which one do you want? It’s your choice.” Rory: “This isn’t fair. You’re turning me into you.”
  18. Older Amy: “I’d forgotten how much I loved being her. Amy Pond in the TARDIS, with Rory Williams.”