Doctor Who: What was the best episode of Series 6, Part 2?

by Gerard McGarry

Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River SongDoctor Who‘s sixth season ended last night with The Wedding Of River Song. Since the series had been split in two halves – and since we weren’t terribly positive about the series finale – we thought we’d ask you lot what your favourite episode from the second half of Series 6 was.

We’re deliberately not including the first half, because The Doctor’s Wife is surely the outright best episode of Series 6, right? So, let’s jog our memories:

1. Let’s Kill Hitler: The TARDIS is hijacked by a young Melody Pond and taken to pre-war Germany to kill the Fuhrer. Along the way, we meet the Tesselector crew – who operate inside a life-sized craft which can transform into anyone in the universe. Useful *cough cough*. It’s a fast paced Moffat premiere episode that features a regeneration scene, discovery that the Ponds unwittingly grew up with their own daughter, and a fantastic scene between Alex Kingston and Matt Smith where she attempts to kill him but is repeatedly thwarted.

2. Night Terrors: The Doctor receives a distress call from a child on Earth who’s being terrified by nightmares. A wonderful guest spot from Daniel Mays (who really needs his own leading role soon), and the nightmare scenario of being trapped in a doll’s house with creepy dolls chasing you made a brilliantly spooky episode from Mark Gatiss.

3. The Girl Who Waited: The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to one of the universe’s most beautiful locations only to discover it’s in quarantine. Except Amy gets stuck in a separate time stream where she ages rapidly and The Doctor isn’t able to save her. We loved the idea of Rory and The Doctor being forced to choose between two Amys – and older Amy’s bitterness at being ‘forgotten’ by her heroes.

4. The God Complex: A claustrophobic episode in which The Doctor and his friends get trapped in a shifting building with a minotaur-like beast that kills its prey. Like the preceding episode, it provides a great backdrop for a study of The Doctor’s relationship with his companions – their reliance on him and belief that he’ll always save them. If there’s a criticism, there was slightly too much running around corridors and it didn’t quite reach the horror levels of Night Terrors.

5. Closing Time: The promise of James Corden returning to the show wasn’t quite lived up to by this episode, which also featured the least threatening Cybermen we’ve seen in years. Sure, the chemistry between The Doctor and Craig was pitch perfect, but there wasn’t the same gripping story that we’d had with The Lodger. On the other hand, we discovered where The Doctor picked up those TARDIS blue envelopes from!

6. The Wedding Of River Song: A furiously-paced adventure to close off the series which picked up and answered many of the lingering questions from this year. We felt the use of the Tesselector as the method of saving The Doctor was a bit of a cop-out, but of course it’s better than The Doctor dying permanently. However, there’s something about these frenzied episodes of Moffat’s that left us cold and unsatisfied. But of course, some of you feel other wise.

If you asked us (and you didn’t, but we’ll get over it), Let’s Kill Hitler was perhaps the best episode of the second half of Doctor Who this year. Sure, they bunged Hitler in a cupboard and forgot about him, but there was so much fun and exposition in this episode, and the sight of River Song brandishing a banana still makes us laugh.

But anyway, over to you lot: what’s been your favourite episode of the last half? And if you like, what’s been your least favourite episode…and why? What are you hoping to see from the next series of Doctor Who?